That is an almost impossible task, but this blog will equip you with some tips on how to be your most productive self throughout the day. Each individual is different. Some must have caffeine before opening their computer for the day while others are considered “morning people” and are most productive in the morning. We must find what works for us, I am here to share how I stay productive… most days.
Last week I encountered a business bully, except it was personal and they just happened to also be a business person. Someone with deep pockets who tried to "scare me" as he put it. He finally apologized but I have thought deeply about how often in my career this has happened, largely because I am a woman or a small business owner. There are a lot of dishonest people around. People who deliberately don't pay bills as they know it costs more to sue someone, or those who are just not nice people and want to be bullies because they get kicks out of it.

I use to be scared of this and get anxiety over it. I use to fall apart and perhaps even shed a few tears.
Sep 08, 2015
I prefer passion over all else particularly when it comes to work. Passion in love - is dangerous and there is ups and downs.

Bad relationships happen. They are inevitable. Particularly when you have been around for a while.

The more passionate you are about a person or anything really, the more it affects you and sends you a little crazier than normal. But mostly, logic comes back into play and you tend to correct whatever it is that went wrong.
After a weekend of doing all the things on my to do list, readying myself for a trip to the U.S. that is going to include travelling with my dog, I am taking time to reflect.

It's the experiences in life that make us who we are. I have had the most amazing life journey, growing up in rural Australia with a life full of animals, family and friends. My career has been more outstanding then I ever dreamed of mainly because my expectations were so low and I guess I would have been just as happy following the route of many of my school friends and having a family rather than any major career.

Starting a business at 25 was exhilarating to say the least. I remember when I was 26 years old, with my then business partner, talking about how lucky we were and how we wanted to pinch ourselves because life really couldn't get any better.

Last week, Marketing Eye worked with a company that has developed a revolutionary technology platform to help people manage their careers online.
eat-pray-loveEat, Pray, Love… the New York Times Bestseller authored by Elizabeth Gilbert has just hit the screens in Australia – and it couldn’t have come soon enough.

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