Daily I receive updates on Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin from people that have received publicity whether it is through an online blog or in the media sprouting how successful they are. The first couple of "pushes" of publicity, I applaud and genuinely think "good on that person". Then when it keeps coming in what can sometimes be "D-grade" versions of media that perhaps only a few people ever get to read, I start to think "oh, this person is looking for attention or needs people to think they are successful".

Which, might I add, may not be the case at all, but it is just my immediate perception if I don't know any better about the person.
Nov 11, 2012
By Christopher Niesche - smh.com.au

EVERY small business should have a prospect list - a database of existing and potential customers where the business can focus its marketing efforts.

But it needs to be more than just a list of names and email addresses. It has to contain people who are in the target market for your products.

Here are tips on how to build up a prospect list.
Social networks are exciting. There is no mistaking their worth when it comes to promoting a brand to a wider audience just by a few clicks of the button.

Sales representatives are gushing with feverish enthusiasm for social networks with an influx of inquiries and direct contact with people that they may have had to in the past beg the reception to put them through.

Now, they can make the fastest sale of their careers, just by connecting with someone on linkedin and sharing a slideshare of what they have to offer followed by a link for ordering.

It's as simple as that.

CEO's of big organisations can be directly tweeted to and engaged with in a matter of seconds. Say something worthwhile and all of a sudden, you have a relationship with who you want to do business with.

Having said this, its the younger generation that has taken up using social media to connect that has left their older, more mature counterparts for dead.

While their are risks with being 'out there' for the world to see, the reward is far greater.

Understanding why and how to engage with today's social business environment starts with recognizing the changes in buyers' behavior. With social networks now accounting for 15% of internet visits (Source: Experian Marketing Services) in the US and Twitter joining the over 100 million user mark, 55% of buyers turn to social media when they're searching for information.

Social media is here to stay and sales teams are the big winners along with the pockets of business owners. It's more cost effective, efficient and meaningful than any other platform other than real life relationship. So get tweeting and starting connecting.
It's a number that interests me. Not because it is large, nor because it says that we are not average. 126 is average according to Twitter, and we have certainly surpassed that - I think in the first day of joining.

The reason it interests me is because there are 14,090 tweeters to talk to - if I feel compelled to do so. That is a lot of people. Sure it is not like the millions our celebrity friends have nor is it like the supposed "guru's" with 50k plus, but it is a number that signifies a positioning that has allowed Marketing Eye to gain traction online and have real "conversations" with people who have or may become clients and/or friends.

Two weeks ago, we made $79,000 + worth of sales derived from connections made via Twitter.
A company has a problem. They don't like their accountant. Their financial planner just got hit by a bus. The business just got a lot bigger and now they need some HR advice. They don't have a marketing person per se and the owner knows that they are not going anywhere without someone focusing on the company's brand and lead generation campaigns to support their sales team.

The problem has been identified. It now needs a solution. So, what's next? They look for one.


First, they think about who they know. It use to be a case of people they have met or friends of friends, but now there is a not so new revolution to add to the equation. Social media.

Social Media

In the past two weeks we have made almost $200,000 from our social media accounts. It's because companies that we may not have met face to face, but know us through social media and in particular, twitter, linkedin and the company blog, have a problem and the first person they have made contact with is the person they "know" online. You know the one. The person that continually reinforces their expertise in a particular field through showcasing their knowledge, case studies, influence and opinions.

Social media is likened to the old-fashion term "farming" because it takes time, but the investment is worth it in the end if you do all the right things. Farming makes it easier for clients to find you and relate to you and your business. Social media has provided a short-cut in the farming process  but be assured that "farming" is not "prospecting". It is relationship building and you have to be willing to give more than you get.

So, remember next time you go to write on your twitter account that you went out and got totally trashed, but the next day want to be the consumate professional accountant who is looking for new business opportunities that your lifestyle choices may not be what your clients are looking for in a service provider.

Twitter is awesome for business. Seriously awesome. Even this week, a new client signed with Marketing Eye on $24,000 for the year via following me on Twitter. I love it! A small investment in time for a great return. It helps promote the Marketing Eye brand globally, encourages people to go to our website, increases the number of people who read our marketing blogs and engages at a level that 10 years ago, we would not have been able to do.

But, there are a few things that annoy me about twitter.
Once I lost 1000 followers in a day. I quickly looked back at all my Twitter posts only to find that I didn't write anything that was particularly offensive or would warrant this type of dramatic reaction from my followers.

I genuinely thought someone had hacked my account but couldn't understand why. Who would waste that much time deleting followers.

But the culprit was someone I did not suspect. Someone I had a lot of trust in. It was...
Marketing Eye received a ranking last week on Twitter and it had me thinking...
As an advocate for Twitter and someone who has benefited immensely in terms of sales and following from this platform, I have to say yesterday was a very sad day in our relationship.
Oct 12, 2011

Google+ for Small Business

If you haven’t sent off your details to be included in the latest social network craze, Google+, then you should do so – immediately!

With more than 25 million people joining in the first month, since its launch at the end of June, Google+ may very well, become the most successful social network of all time.

Aug 11, 2011
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