Last week I encountered a business bully, except it was personal and they just happened to also be a business person. Someone with deep pockets who tried to "scare me" as he put it. He finally apologized but I have thought deeply about how often in my career this has happened, largely because I am a woman or a small business owner. There are a lot of dishonest people around. People who deliberately don't pay bills as they know it costs more to sue someone, or those who are just not nice people and want to be bullies because they get kicks out of it.

I use to be scared of this and get anxiety over it. I use to fall apart and perhaps even shed a few tears.
Sep 08, 2015
I am an unfortunate soul. I keep on becoming attracted to narcissists. If nothing changes, nothing changes. So, in lieu of that, I did some research on what I need to be looking out for. 

Everyone knows a narcissist or two or even three. They are everywhere.
Aug 30, 2015

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