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According to Austrade (2007-08), China is the second largest trading partner!
  • Exports valued at $A26.9 Billion with a growth rate of 36.5%
  • Iron ore and concentrates, $A12.4 billion
  • Exports of manufactures $A2 billion (2005-06)
  • Services exports valued at $A4.7 billion
  • Government to Government relationship critical to commercial outcomes

As such, we cannot ignore the importance of ensuring marketing campaigns in this region are done effectively and according to China’s expectations.

20% of the world’s population is in China and there is a significant innovation gap and commercial immaturity.

Marketing Eye has worked with many companies wishing to do business in China, developing important marketing collateral including business cards, brochures, and websites in both simplified and traditional Chinese.

Our marketing team designs and writes all collateral in-house, ensuring no miscommunications in the outsourcing process, as many companies which have chosen this route have experienced.

At Marketing Eye, our Chinese translators work full-time and understand the business paradigm of the Chinese market.

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