Marketing Eye at New York has a wide-range of experience providing marketing services to companies in the area of sustainability, eWaste, carbon trading and other ‘green’ related areas.

Not only does Marketing Eye provide strategies to help businesses incorporate a ‘greener’ marketing ethos, we also help companies communicate their corporate responsibility to relevant stakeholders internally and externally.

As a passionate and early adopter of sustainability, eWaste and carbon trading, we shifted the marketing paradigm by assisting pioneers of this industry to build brand awareness in a time when this market place was almost non-existent. Since then we have continuously provided game-changing marketing and communication strategies that delivers real results, including high business growth and return and increase brand awareness for our clients.

At the 2009 Carbon Market Expo in Australia, Marketing Eye organized for over 60 journalists to attend the expo with results including television programs covering the entire event and international media coverage. This is one of many industry events we have managed marketing for and have excelled with delivering our clients with marketing and public relations activities that achieve results.

If you are looking for an outsourced marketing team that delivers results and already knows your industry, back to front, then contact us.

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