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POAGS has rebranded to Qube Logistics. One significant area of the company is Qube Bulk. With a newly appointed director, Todd Emmert, spearheading the company’s aggressive sales and marketing strategy, Marketing Eye was chosen to run a 12 month marketing campaign incorporating communication of the brand change and focusing on generating marketing campaigns to attract new clients to the business.

After a 2-day workshop in Perth, Marketing Eye developed a strategic marketing plan incorporating 12 months of marketing activities, rebranding dashboard, sponsorships, competitor analysis, advertising, public relations and internal and external communications.

The Approach

The workshop initially focused on the re-brand giving Qube Bulk the necessary implementation strategy for ensuring that the new brand was communicated to all stakeholders including clients, prospects, suppliers, partners and the wider industry.

Important to the strategy development was the buy-in from senior management and adhering to the company’s marketing budget.

Creating a strong sales pipeline that sees value in the Qube Bulk brand, its people and state-of-the-art technologies, was imperative to the management teams KPI’s around marketing. Marketing Eye focused the strategic marketing plan on developing marketing materials that resonate with the new brand and company positioning, while educating prospects of the value they receive in working with Qube Bulk in comparison to competitors in the market.

“Qube Bulk’s biggest advantage outside its balance sheet is the fact that the people in the organisation from the bottom up are proud to work for such a progressive company,” said Mellissah Smith, Managing Director of Marketing Eye.

“The company places as much emphasis on its people as it does on its sales performance and with 365 days zero harm in Port Hedland operations, its clear to see why employees welfare and can-do attitude is seen as a high priority.”

The workshop was imperative in getting the information required out of key stakeholders, on what the company was trying to achieve and in what time frames.

“It’s ok to have an aggressive sales strategy, but the rest of the operations need to be in line with growth potential. At Qube Bulk, they are perfectly positioned for accelerated growth and have proprietary technologies developed to ensure that they can work with higher tonnage, faster and in a more safe environment.”

The Process

Marketing Eye developed a marketing strategy that was in line with the business plan. The strategy took into account the needs of the company, its political environment internally and externally, and the fact that it was critical to the business to get the new brand out in the market in the most professional manner.

Once the marketing strategy was developed, rebranding commenced on all brand touch points. This was complemented by the development of an advertising campaign to be placed in industry magazines.

“The advertising campaign was particularly important as it had to show the readers of these targeted editorials that something new and innovative was happening at Qube Bulk and that they were now more equipped than ever to take on bulk cargo logistics requirements.”

“The advertising campaign is unique and it ‘sells’ Qube Bulks point of difference.”


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