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The Challenge

Iris Medical launched in Melbourne in 2011 offering premium executive health checks, within a three hour timeframe, and conveniently located at AAMI Park, close to the CBD. Clients of Iris Medical benefit from a comprehensive health screening in comfortable surroundings and are provided with a detailed medical report, for discussion with their personal physician.

This ground-breaking service is set to change busy executives’ attitudes towards their health with its complete, one-stop approach to medical testing, providing peace of mind and reassurance.

“The team at Iris Medical are committed to encouraging a proactive, positive approach to health care, making their client’s health a true priority,” said Claire McGuinness, Marketing Manager for Iris Medical’s account.

“The service is designed particularly for executives with a strong focus on high end testing and creating a pleasant, comfortable experience overall. Iris Medical came to us seeking a complete brand development, including the creation of their sales material, supported by an integrated direct marketing and public relations campaign, all aimed at building market awareness”.

The Approach

The expertise of the Iris Medical team combined with the state-of-the-art testing facility and equipment makes a story worth telling. The initial client brief meeting involved gathering details of the services on offer, defining the target market, discussing competitors and confirming the price point. Subsequent to this meeting the Marketing Eye team commenced brainstorming and the development of an initial brand concept.

“This was a particularly exciting project as we were given a blank canvas and the creative freedom to develop a brand that truly reflects the Iris Medical offering,” smiled McGuinness.

The Process

The Marketing Eye team commenced with the development of a brand and logo to reflect the modern medical testing facility. The logo was then incorporated in the design of the corporate brochure and the Iris Medical website.

“The overall look and feel of the brand was created to reflect cleanliness [medical], modernity and a sense of trustworthiness. The design is strong and clean, with blue and green as core colours, creating an overall cohesive brand image across all Iris Medical collateral.”

Once the logo was selected and approved by the client all branded corporate collateral was produced. This included all stationery requirements (business cards, letter head and folders for medical reports). In addition the corporate brochure design and copy development were completed to create a professional, contemporary document in landscape layout.

“The brochure was designed as a largely visual piece using imagery to reflect the quality of the Iris Medical health testing facility and really communicate the customer experience”.

Next up was the website development, complete with a range of user friendly features, designed to encourage interaction and streamline the overall booking process.

“In developing the website we concentrated primarily on user-friendliness, allowing for easy site navigation and the inclusion of an online enquiry facility, newsletter registration [in order to build a list of interested contacts for Iris Medical’s future communications] and online appointment bookings.”

In order to reach prospects directly and increase market saturation Iris Medical then engaged Marketing Eye’s expertise to develop and conduct an integrated Direct Marketing Campaign. The collaboration of Marketing Eye’s creative and marketing teams led to the development of a concept focused on promoting health awareness amongst executives, under the overarching theme “Is your engine well oiled?” This concept was designed to draw the attention of executives and also their family members, who are known to be key influencers in their health care decisions.

“We are thrilled with the printed DM piece, the quality is exceptional and the design is even more fantastic when printed. It is very eye catching, featuring key information on Iris Medical’s services and the benefits of regular health checks. The mail out is now on track to reach executives within key Melbourne suburbs and we look forward to seeing great results.”

Today, the Iris Medical brochure is in full circulation, the website is live and delivering enquiries, the direct mail campaign is in progress and a broad public relations campaign is in full swing. This public relations campaign involves tapping into Marketing Eye’s host of media contacts in order to create opportunities for brand exposure, through consumer education and increasing awareness of the importance of regular health checks.

Iris Medical has secured the expertise of Dr. Michael Olenski M.B.B.S. as their spokesperson and brand representative. In working with Dr. Michael the Marketing Eye PR machine is focused on both immediate and ongoing PR ‘wins’, particularly in creating opportunities for Dr. Michael to share his expertise.

“The campaign is going well; we are working with Dr. Michael and other relevant health and business related partners across the media in creating a steady drip-feed of opportunities across print, radio and television.”

See our design work for Iris Medical:

Logo Stationery Website Brochure
iris-logo iris-stationery iris-website iris-brochure

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