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Social media, a virtual world designed to share, to exchange information, or to notify all of your contacts of how photogenic your cat is. Many social media outlets have assertively established their importance in the marketing industry. However, as these platforms evolve, it is key that marketers take full advantage of them.

While all channels of social media aren’t applicable to every business, if used efficiently they can be a creative avenue to reach target audiences. Currently, snapchat is the new wave.

Snapchat is a mobile application that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos called snaps. Additionally, users can post snaps creating a montage like “story” for all their followers to view. Snapchat has successfully distinguished itself from other media platforms with their live, then disappearing content characteristics.

Okay, enough back story. What can Snapchat do for marketers? Oh, how the possibilities are endless with this one, so here’s a few.
Snapchat For Businesses

1.       Goldfish audience

We exist in an era where the average person has an incredibly short attention span forcing marketers to be efficient and quick. Fortunately, the design of the Snapchat allows just that. Each video/picture last only 10 seconds, use it well. Be engaging. Be creative.

2.       Exclusivity

There’s nothing better than discovering that the DVD of your favorite movie has behind the scenes features. Including your audience in your exclusive world to is exactly how snapchat can be used to market your brand. Allow the app to be an all access pass and showcase your company’s culture, fun moments in the office and live coverage of events.

3.       Casual tones

Snapchat is a unique tool because of its informal nature. Professional platforms are essential, but using a more relaxed tone makes a great difference. People enjoy knowing that businesses are run by other people and not automated machines and robots. Build trust and a relationship with your audience using more laid-back language, or even revealing a sense of humor.

4.       Customer Participation

Everyone loves free! Using Snapchat, create opportunities that involve customer participation. Contests, promotions, and giveaways can draw in new potential customers, for a very low cost for you.

5.       Be consistent

Consistency implies reliability and a sense of organization. Regardless of how the app is used, regular postings ensure that your audience always has something to look forward to. Whether their taking a quick break from work or idly scrolling through social media outlets, keep your consumers posted on upcoming events and interested in your business.

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Written by Jaye Gardner Intern at Marketing Eye Atlanta
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  • Lavonna Defries

    How long can my computer keep running with an outdated browser?

  • Erna Stathes

    At this time it appears like Wordpress is the top blogging platform out there right now. (from what I've read) Is that what you're using on your blog?

  • Ann Weilbacher

    I am a little confused on exactly how I would make money by blogging, I mean who pay me and how, once I blog who come to my page and how do I get them there. I really appreciate if some one could break it down for me.. . Thanks!.

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