Building relationships with your customers are your companies biggest asset and in any successful business, knowing how to communicate to your audience is fundamental to achieving this.

We live in an intellectually advanced and diverse market that is consistently changing, therefore having an extensive database is essential
Why email campaigns are big money generators

The prospects of utilising email direct marketing (EDMs) tactics go far beyond simply having an easily accessible contact list...

It puts you in control, letting you have instant converge across many target markets to both sell and promote your company. 

"You can't sell a hamburger to a vegetarian" 

It starts with knowing your customers and as the saying goes "you can't sell a hamburger to a vegetarian" - whilst intellectually being able to distinguish between individuals may be simple, knowing what, where and why you are selling your product to them makes a world of difference. 

EDM tools such as using Affiliate Offers, which can involve; getting paid to send both your subscribers and selected audeince to other sites that are loyal to your company, selling sponsor advertisements and sending a direct 'Thank You' page when someone subscribes to your network posts. 

In New York, the best database tools to use for your company currently are:
  • MailChimp: Is the world's leading marketing automation platform, their interrogations allow you to send your marketing emails (EDMs), targeted campaigns and automated emails to your database. As well as providing you with in-depth analytic reports, as you grow as a business you can see the impact and responses you receive as a result, helping you improve and stay on track. 
  • InfusionSoft: Another software used in New York that is "increasing revenue by 300% since implementation" - Andy MacKensen, H.U.M.A.N. Healthy Vending.  Whilst having an 'All-In-One-Solution' 'InfusionSoft' can efficiently organise your consumer database and future prospects with Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and be strategically used with follow-ups and current contact with 'Email and Social Marketing'. 

  • Vertical Response: Create high performing, professional email campaigns quicker with 'Vertical Response's' EDM system you can increase your audience by 40%. This system can help you save time with automated email series and track trends and popular content to build and launch your services with A/B testing, seeing which subjects impact greater open rates. 

These are only three of the huh performing EDM systems that are used by New Yorks leading marketing agenciesAll of these can help you achieve the results you need for ultimate market growth. The benefits will leave you being more reliable, on-trend and tech-savvy. Using email campaigns is a strategic method to improving your sales and will undoubtably improve your business. 

Written by: Aleena Dimos
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