People often ask me why I write a blog when I am so busy that I struggle to find enough hours in the day. The answer isn't EGO - yes, I do love that so many people read my blog, but most of whom do, I have never met and probably will never have the opportunity to.

It's not because I am bored or I think that I am an exceptional writer - because I have never had a bored moment in my life (it's my dream to be bored one day) and as for the writing, I only write well when I put effort in, and this blog is more a rambling of my thoughts, rather than something that I have placed alot of emphasis on.

The ONE reason I write this blog is to CONNECT with my target audience and to communicate with other marketers who have interesting ideas on marketing or who have a point of view.

We receive thousands of comments on this blog, but it is not practical as a small business owner to place them all up on this site - and it would play with the aesthetics of the site in any case.

CONNECTING WITH CUSTOMERS = SALES. It is as simple as that. People read the Marketing blog and the telephones start ringing.

Some benefits of a blog for small business owners are;

1. You can be a big business just by having a blog that people read.
2. A well written or interesting blog will give you loyal followers.
3. When lots of people read your blog, chances are that they will also hang out on your website.
4. It instantly reinforces your position as an industry commentator or authority.
5. It pulls together a community of like-minded individuals.
6. It helps develop your brand and your story.
7. It generates traffic to your website.
8. Media will find a popular blog and the chance of getting a story written about you is high.

DON'T write a blog if you have nothing to say or the quirks about your personality that you want to get across in your blog is offensive to your target audience.

DO write a blog if you have SOMETHING to say and can say it well.


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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert with more than 20 years experience. Having founded and built two successful marketing companies internationally, she is well recognized as a industry thought leader and innovator. Mellissah started her career working with technology and professional services firms, primarily in marketing, public relations and investor relations, positioning a number of successful companies to list on the various Stock Exchanges around the world. She is a writer, technology developer and entrepreneur who shares her thoughts and experiences through blogs and written articles published in various media outlets. Brag sheet: #2 marketer to follow on Twitter (2003), Top 150 Marketers to Follow (2015), Top 10 innovative marketers (2014), 60K+ followers on Twitter with 97% authentic.

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