Selecting the correct Christmas gift for clients can often be fraught with danger - while a thoughtful, heartfelt gift can strenghten and enhance your professional relationships, a poorly-executed and inappropriate present will have the opposite effect.

These days, selecting corporate gifts can often feel like a competition, with companies attempting to outdo each other in a extravagant battle of the budgets. That said, money can't buy class or creativity, so make sure you give from the heart and tailor each gift to your clients' interests. It is the thought that counts, after all.

Here's a collection of some fantastic, unique gifts we found online:

1. For the client who has everything

Violight iPhone sanitiser
The average iPhone is is used used and touched repeatedly over the course of the day, harbouring bacteria and germs. Violight's bacteria-zapping UV light sanitiser also cleans earphones, headsets and MP3 players - the perfect gift for the client who has it all. 

2. For the fun-loving client

What better way to celebrate the silly season than with a tipple of wine? Amber Crest Custom Winery gives companies a chance to personalise a variety of wines with your company's own design. 

3. For the budding thespian

Pointe shoes

Is your client a culture vulture? Support the arts and scienes on their behalf - all of America's top performing arts organisations including the New York CIty Ballet, Smithsonian Institution and San Diego Zoo give the public a chance to support their work. 

4. For the green-loving client


Remind your clients that you're working to help grow their business with a living, breathing plant. This survival seed vault includes 20 varities of easy-to-grow heirloom vegetables - it's the gift that keeps on giving.

5. For the fashionista
Tiffany & Co
When in doubt, go to Tiffany & Co. The American luxury brand has been the benchmark of style and class for 175 years and will impress even your fussiest clients.

6. For the quirky clientPop art
This is not for the fainthearted: transforms your client's face and/or logo into giant Andy Warhol-style pop artworks and will add a funky touch to their offices.

7. For the seasoned traveller
Philips Wake-Up Light

The Philips Wake-Up Light wakes sleepers up by gradually brightening the room, combating jetlagby replicating a sunrise with its natural beams of light. As the light falls on the sleeper's eyes, energy levels in the body will be increased, gently preparing the body for wake-up time.

8. For the adventure lover

If your client is a thrill-seeking adrenaline junkie, check out the experiences you can purchase on Excitations. With locations in capital cities including New York and Atlanta, they'll be spoilt for choice with hot air balloon rides, skydiving and fighter jet flights on offer.

9. For the social activist

Make a difference to the lives of childen around the world through a donation to UNICEF. The fund nurtures and cares for children around the world, ensuring that our future is in safe hands.

10. For everyone else

When you absolutely want to be on the safe side, go with the tried-and-tested hamper option. Make sure the products in it are high-quality, fresh, and locally-sourced if possible. Make sure it's tailored to suit the individual client and always enclose a handwritten card to add a personal touch. has a great selection.
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