I have to admit – I have been hiding under a rock when it comes to what is going on with Australia’s Political parties.

For most, it has been largely due to the fact that I don’t respect the way in which the Political parties of late have been acting. In fact, I haven’t respected or liked the Labor Party’s ‘celebrity’ status on shows like Rove and alike too much at all. To me, having a Prime Minister, the head of Australia, working the media like a celebrity is a complete embarrassment to the nation. He should be spending all of this time running the country, not working on how big of a celebrity he can become during his tenure.

To me, marketing, branding and public relations in the political forum goes way beyond just communicating to the nation and there should be some constraints around this. Do we really want a ‘celebrity’ as a Prime Minister, or do we want someone we respect and trust to run our country in the best interests of its people?

Maybe I am old-fashion and I haven’t gotten with the times, but when Kevin Rudd started following me on Twitter, my first thought was “doesn’t the people who are given jobs from our tax-payer funded pool of money have better things to do?” I don’t want to know that I pay tax for the Prime Ministers team to waste time following me on Twitter. They should be spending every minute working on projects that are going to improve our economy, create jobs and provide a better future for our people.

Having the first female Prime Minister is exciting but at the same time, we are dealing with a woman who to date has followed the lead in the media of Rudd. I hope she forms a new way of communicating to Australians and uses her time valuably. No more giving out cash for people to buy Plasma screen televisions or to fund new iPad’s.

I am interested in your views of Political Party marketing. Do  you think they should be investing in Twitter and alike, or are you like me and think that they should be investing their time in running the Country?

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