Being the middle man is a dangerous position that we all have been in, and you would think that we would learn our lesson but many, like myself, find ourselves prey to being caught in the middle time and time again.
It is a dangerous position we have all been in!

Take this for example: Your best friend's husband is having an affair with a work colleague. You know about it, and ponder over whether to tell them or not. If you don't and they find out you know... they will never speak to you again. If you do... well, that's another story. This mostly results in a big fight with them and their partner and then they make up, but with you being the person who was the bearer of bad news, the "dobber", and the one that one of them can no longer trust.

It's a no-win situation.

And this: You are out with a group of friends, and a girlfriend/boyfriend combo is with you. One of your friends talks business with the boyfriend, and plan to catch up. They catch up, have an attraction and eventually start a relationship. Boyfriend dumps girlfriend for your other friend. Messy. Girlfriend never speaks to you again for "setting them up".

Then there's: You are doing business with someone, and one of their staff members starts referring you clients. That staff member dates one of your friends, and then breaks up. You have no issue with staff member, and as they move jobs from one to another, they keep referring more clients. For the sake of your friends breakup - do you keep accepting new clients?

The world is a crazy place. Shit happens, more often than we care to admit. As long as all parties are honest, its a fine line as to whether you share information that you are 100% certain of or not. To be totally honest, mostly I choose not to. It always ends in disaster. But a few times, you have to think about whether or not you would like to know the truth, and if the answer is yes, and you know for sure that that person would want to know - you have to take the risk and tell them.

I try not to share information that has no other result than to hurt someone's feelings. If someone says something bad about another, don't tell them. Why do you need to ruin their day just because someone else is clearly insecure about the person they are slandering? It's as simple as that.

Being the middle man is never any fun, and there is absolutely no reward for anyone. It is a place that allows everyone to pound you with balls all at the same time, or worse, fire you!

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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert with more than 20 years experience. Having founded and built two successful marketing companies internationally, she is well recognized as a industry thought leader and innovator. Mellissah started her career working with technology and professional services firms, primarily in marketing, public relations and investor relations, positioning a number of successful companies to list on the various Stock Exchanges around the world. She is a writer, technology developer and entrepreneur who shares her thoughts and experiences through blogs and written articles published in various media outlets. Brag sheet: #2 marketer to follow on Twitter (2003), Top 150 Marketers to Follow (2015), Top 10 innovative marketers (2014), 60K+ followers on Twitter with 97% authentic.

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