It was nearing end of financial year and I was so stressed that all of my bones hurt just to move.

When you run a small business, there are so many things to do that sometimes it seems to be all too daunting.

I knew I needed to get away. Besides that, Melbourne had just had its coldest day in history for this time of year, and not only was I overworked but I also was freezing.

I had heard of Koonyum Range Retreat from a couple of friends and was interested in going somewhere whereby I could just get lost laying around looking at the view and reading a book.

I have always loved Byron Bay and my regular hangouts there include the beach, the golf course and the Medicine Wheel where I always seem to book in to get my fortune read.

Walking the streets of Byron is so relaxing because everyone here is in a totally different zone. They walk around in thongs and t-shirts, do yoga and in general just chill. My kind of holiday destination!

There are many different retreats available, but as I like a glass of wine in the evening and don’t really enjoy interacting with other people as I do it every day as the chief executive officer of Marketing Eye.

Most of the retreats don’t allow for a glass of wine and are fairly regimented in terms of activities. I really just like hanging around, reading books, swimming in the pool and relaxing.

So, I decided to book at Koonyum Range Retreat and really it was the best decision I have made for a long time.

A few days of peace and quiet with no-one disturbing me in a luxurious villa overlooking the entire Byron Bay hinterland – it doesn’t get much better than that.

From the moment I took the turn-off to go up the range, the temperature dropped a few degrees and it was as if I had just shed myself of a couple of layers of stress. It was literally breathtaking driving up the road and stopping in front of the most magnificent view of Byron Bay hinterland.

I was greeted by Piari, who owns the retreat with her husband. Her friendly demeanour and genuine welcome was as it should be in a retreat like this.

As I was escorted to the “Lotus” villa, any stress that was left in my body evaporated. The site was phenomenal. I forgot she was talking to me and really lost myself in the view.

For the next few days, I can’t tell you how much I thoroughly enjoyed just eating healthy food (you can make your own there or you can order exquisite cuisine from Koonyum Range Retreat – the latter needs ordering in advance), laying in sun and taking walks.

Piari noticed that I had my running shoes and offered to take me on a run in the mornings which was nice. I didn’t take her up on it as I slept in – it’s amazing how you sleep better when you are away from the hectic lifestyle of city living.

I would recommend Koonyum Range Retreat to anyone who wants to get away from the winter cold of Sydney and Melbourne and doesn’t want to be disturbed or told what to do at a normal retreat. At Koonyum you can order in any luxury you want such as massage, spa treatments etc. It’s all there – if you want it. For those who want to check it out

Mellissah Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Marketing Eye

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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert with more than 20 years experience. Having founded and built two successful marketing companies internationally, she is well recognized as a industry thought leader and innovator. Mellissah started her career working with technology and professional services firms, primarily in marketing, public relations and investor relations, positioning a number of successful companies to list on the various Stock Exchanges around the world. She is a writer, technology developer and entrepreneur who shares her thoughts and experiences through blogs and written articles published in various media outlets. Brag sheet: #2 marketer to follow on Twitter (2003), Top 150 Marketers to Follow (2015), Top 10 innovative marketers (2014), 60K+ followers on Twitter with 97% authentic.

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