Today one of my best friends for the past 20 years is celebrating her 40th birthday.

We met through a guy who was her boyfriend at the time and a good friend of mine.

Like so many stories, when they broke up, we remained friends. A couple of years later from our initial meeting, she moved from one end of Australia to the other and we still stayed in contact writing letters, sending cards and presents and ringing each other whenever we could.

What made her special is that we respected each other and were equally proud of each others achievements. We have been there when relationships have failed to be a shoulder to cry on and when we each have won accolades for our career achievements.

No matter what the geographic distance between us was, we were always travelling to see each other just to hang out.

Long friendships are dear to my heart. I have so many friends that have been there for 20 years or more and our friendships are still as strong as ever. We take time to see each other and to be there when we need to. It’s an extension of your family and there is nothing I wouldn’t do for each of those special women that have gone through my journey in life with me as I with them.

As Karina celebrates her birthday, I am overcome with pride. Here is a woman that started off her career as a hairdresser and has ended up being one of the top people in a Top 20 company. She is stunningly beautiful – inside and out, smart, tenacious, kind, giving and charismatic.

Today, I am going to make sure she knows just how special she is in my life and will enjoy nothing more than celebrating this milestone with her and her family tonight, when all the people who love and adore her come together.

So often we don’t show the people we love just how important they are to our lives. For that matter, we don’t show our clients and past clients, how much we value them not just for being a client, but for the lessons they teach us.

Each client that I have interaction with is special. Not because they are paying for the services of my company, but because they are good people, all having a go and teaching me as much as I may be teaching them.

I no longer do business with people that don’t have the same morals as I do or that are out to get as much as possible out of the people around them for no return.

We spend so much time in the office or our places of business, so why surround ourselves with people that we don’t respect and that have no regard for the values we endorse?

This week, think about your clients and how you can let them know just how much you appreciate them being in your life and in the lives of your staff.

It may be a simple email, a phone call, a card or a bunch of flowers. Whatever it is, I know each person will be thrilled that you appreciate them as much as I am sure they appreciate you.

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Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a marketing expert with more than 20 years experience. Having founded and built two successful marketing companies internationally, she is well recognized as a industry thought leader and innovator. Mellissah started her career working with technology and professional services firms, primarily in marketing, public relations and investor relations, positioning a number of successful companies to list on the various Stock Exchanges around the world. She is a writer, technology developer and entrepreneur who shares her thoughts and experiences through blogs and written articles published in various media outlets. Brag sheet: #2 marketer to follow on Twitter (2003), Top 150 Marketers to Follow (2015), Top 10 innovative marketers (2014), 60K+ followers on Twitter with 97% authentic.

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