It should come as no shock to anyone that we live in the age of easy. The age of short attention spans. The age of Simple. This is primarily due to a shift in the current leadership demographic. Regardless of the industry, 

Why The Most Effective Strategy In Marketing Is Simple

Millennials are quickly moving into leadership and management roles around the world, which means they are now the primary target for most businesses.

So what does this really mean for your marketing strategy?

It means a complete 180 on the marketing approach for your prospects. Including copious information to support your service or solution used to be acceptable and successful in prior generations, but those days are long gone.

Cut down on the jargon/wordiness

The new-age buyer, even outside of Millennials, doesn’t want Content Overload...They want clear, concise and painless solutions to their unique problems. They want to vet the product themselves and be in control, not be sold to.

Traditionally, outbound marketing would take up the better part of the sales pipeline, but prospects are doing more the hard work up front thanks to smartphones and internet connectivity anywhere, any time. They do most of the research for potential products and services well ahead of an initial call with a sales rep, examining websites, assessing reviews, and analyzing pricing in many cases.

Where does ‘simple’ start?

For today’s businesses, getting in front of them at the right time and place means a total focus on cleaning up brand channels across the board and complete dedication to strong digital marketing.

As complex as the world of marketing is, everything your prospects see should be personal, engaging, and most of guessed it...SIMPLE. Your prospects should feel as though your website is speaking directly to them from the home page, not hidden 6 pages in. Collateral should be easy to understand and tailored to their industry.

Even something as small as a slight logo and tagline refresh can completely change how a brand is perceived in the market. Email campaigns shouldn’t be sent multiple times during the same week and the content definitely shouldn’t be more than one scroll of the mouse or phone.

Although creating a marketing strategy is no simple animal, key messaging, branding, and overall business processes should keep simplicity at the forefront.

Luckily, we can help with the marketing side of things

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