"He's so hot!" is all that I could say while watching Adam Scott in his 2013 US Masters Tournament play-off as he had a birdie putt on the second sudden-death play-off round to beat Argentina's Angel Cabrera.

Not the most intelligent of comments but I must say, even the guys watching Adam Scott were nodding in agreement. They too could see the beauty in this man - his looks and his golfing prowess!
Why Adam Scott is the number one pick for sponsors
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I, like most of Australia, stopped to watch Adam Scott in the 2013 US Masters in Augusta, Georgia. It was one of the most exciting sporting moments in history for an Australian, particularly one that so happened to be on US soil to watch the game that catapulted this Queenslander into the history books and had compatriot Greg Norman, tweet: What happened today I observed in the eyes of Adam when he was 15. He deserves everything he gets from this win. Proud of him & 

It's a big day for Adam Scott in many ways. He has just won the most important competition in the game of golf and every single person around the world now knows his name, where he is from and can recognize his million dollar smile.

There were other winners on the day. Australia for one. The country that is seen as the underdog but has time and time again come up trumps in the sporting arena. Our actors and actresses have overtaken Tinseltown with the likes of Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Naomi Watts, Cate Blanchett, Hugh Jackman and dare I say, Mel Gibson. It seems that sports and acting are our thing!

First Australian in 77 Years to Win the US Masters

And of course, there are the sponsors. Mercedes was the standout sponsor for Adam Scott that I believed benefited the most from the exposure of the US Masters. Likewise is Titleist and Rolex are set to leverage off Australia's most marketable sports star. 

Watch out Tiger Woods because Adam Scott is now not only more bankable, but he comes without any bad publicity or ill-fated public romances. He isn't out getting plastered in Vegas and picking up chicks. Instead, he just plays sport, hangs with friends and spends time with his family. It doesn't get much better than that.

Being associated with the cool, edgy, humble and very good looking Adam Scott guarantees brands benefit from association.

He makes more money from endorsement deals and appearances than he does from prize money, not unlike other sports stars like Tiger Woods but it is without doubt as he wins more games, he will become more and more beneficial to sponsors who are looking for an image overhaul.
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