The rise of robotics is nothing new; everyone from scientists to futurists and the man in the street has been talking about it for decades. We’ve been watching TV robots since the 1950s, wondering when these filmic predictions would come to fruition. We’ve been reading Isaac Asimov books since 1939 pondering whether robotics will one day usurp humanity to become the dominant being. 

Of course we are a long way from robots taking over the world and disobeying Asimov’s Three Laws of Robotics:

1.              A robot may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

2.              A robot must obey the orders given it by human beings, except where such orders would conflict with the First Law.

3.              A robot must protect its own existence as long as such protection does not conflict with the First or Second Law.
When marketing and robots collide

We are, however, already enjoying the great value that robotics has to offer and their significant impact on the way we conduct our lives and business.   

Think of the simple robovac and how much vacuuming time this has saved within suburban households.  And this is just a simple robotic function… although it does dispel the myth and stereotype that the robot is some form of malevolent humanoid.

Robotics is in fact so intricate that robots can be built in any number of forms to suit any industry. They are beginning to augment and replace labor in a wide range of fields including the economics of manufacturing, the military (removing landmines) and reshaping the business landscape. They assist with surgery and rehabilitation. And they can do these tasks more efficiently and at less cost than human labour.

It’s not to say that the human factor will be usurped. Quite the contrary, particularly when companies such as CoroWare Technologies is coming up with even more exciting developments that are putting the creation of robots back in human hands. 

Their open source robotics kit is groundbreaking and puts them well ahead of their competitors.

That sounds pretty awesome and it is why Marketing Eye jumped at the chance to launch this new product by CoroWare: The Corobot Spark.

Marketing Eye has always had a love affair with technology groundbreakers and disruptors, which meant CoroWare was the perfect fit.

CoroWare Robotics, put simply, supplies you with an open source robotics kit to create the robot you want. If you want to build an underwater robot, put it together and send it to sea. You can build one to fly. You can turn one into a drone. You can put four wheels on a bot and drive it around. You can build your robot out of the box, with the flexibility to very much build whatever you like.

This is the dream product for any marketing organisation to launch. Think of the possibilities. They are as endless as the product’s potential. Why? Well, we can help build a community of robot loving, educators and creators. Spark is where technology meets the real world. And that is what marketing is about – building communities of likeminded people.

We are going all out on this launch. Bringing fresh ideas to the technology industry. It will be launched via an IndieGoGo campaign, which is fitting. IndieGoGo is a crowdfunding business that empowers people to activate the global community to make ideas happen.  That’s exactly what CoroWare does. And Spark, is a big idea that will change the robotics game.

The campaign will focus on delivering CoroWare to educators and creators as innovative, thought leaders – to reposition them as market leaders and to streamline their brand.

The team behind Spark has already sent its praise for the work we’ve recently done. And we want to give them the best launch possible.

The product deserves it. Founder Lloyd Spencer deserves it. Lloyd has spent 19 years in the industry, most recently as Solutions Unit Manager at Microsoft. He and his team helped guide the telecommunications industry toward the use of open, interoperable standards such as XML Web Services.

And the industry deserves it. Spark proves that we are a long way from the stereotypical moving picture robot. Spark is the new world order and Marketing Eye wants in.

For more information of CoroWare and Spark go to

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Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson is an experienced editor and writer who has worked in print and digital media for almost 20 years.

Jonathan has edited titles across a range of industries including sports and lifestyle, health, trade and business and finance. Among these titles are Soccer International, Women’s Fitness and Health, Wealth Creator, Think & Grow Rich, Your Trading Edge and Business First of which he is currently the managing editor.

Jonathan has also written two books: Offside - The Wild Side of Soccer and Australia's Wealth Creators.

He is the Media and Content Manager for Marketing Eye.

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