With a dynamic presidential election and various shifts in major advertising platforms, 2016 has been a year full of drastic change in the marketing world. As media advertising spend is down and declining compared to previous years, we can only suspect that 2017 will bring just as many, if not more, changes.

Key things to look out for in 2017:

Trends Heading Into 2017

Increasing Usage of Branded Artificial Intelligence

2017 may in fact be the year of the AI, or Machine Learning. Many reports suggest that more than half of all CMO’s, Chief Marketing Officers, believe that Artificial Intelligence will have a greater impact on marketing and communications than social media overall.

Social media will still have a large portion of the pie, however; technology is a rapidly moving train with no stopping point in sight. The interaction between an AI chat bot and a person is far more complex than in person to person settings. Since the AI chat bot acts as an information source for marketers, they will supply marketers with untapped data. Sephora, Pizza Hut, and Bank of America all used these branded AI chat bots this year. These devices not only know you, but know the context in which you are doing things as well.

Another form of AI which is growing even faster is machine to machine AI. This has been dynamically changing supply chains, manufacturing, and logistics for businesses throughout the world.

Marketing by Consumer Groups Instead of Products

Traditional marketing efforts were based off of the product at hand. Nowadays we are shifting the way we position ourselves in the marketing strata. Instead of thinking of ourselves within the context of what our products do for our customers, we are shifting our focus towards what our users are doing with the products.

This shift is pushing marketers to center all marketing plans, campaigns, and budgets on the users or consumers themselves. Tying in with the AI chat bots, being able to collect information about users and their lifestyles and patterns is crucial to accurately defining consumer groups.

Small Marketing Firms Are Now Favored Instead of ‘Jack of All Trades”

Lastly, but not least is a trend for businesses to work with smaller more specialized marketing firms. Marketers have become very savvy and therefore provide much more in-depth knowledge and experience in unique areas of marketing to businesses.

Businesses are ostracizing the notion of having an ‘all in one’ app or software capability. Rather, they want personalized, quality, and experienced marketing assistance from someone who can work with them closely.

Marketing Eye maintains a small team and personalized relationship with each and every client, while offering the same resource capabilities as a large marketing firm.
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