I’ve always wanted to attend a party like some of the ones you see in Gossip Girl.

Want to Throw Parties Bigger than Gossip Girl’s? Hire an Event Planner

They’re swanky and very well put together. From decorations to food, everything looks perfect. Unfortunately, not all of us have the party planning skills of Blair Waldorf, but luckily, we have event planners to make up for that.  


Event planners are party animals. They have seen every kind of event and watched as people either have the time of their lives, or slip away unsatisfied. Event planners will know what works and what doesn’t from all their experience. On the other hand, without a professional planner, an event will be a shot in the dark as the unprofessional planner simply guesses what might work well.  That’s surely not to say that a DIY party won’t fall together nicely, but there is an uneasiness to the possibility it fails due to the planner’s inexperience.

Enjoy the Party

People want to enjoy the parties they are hosting and that’s difficult when they are simultaneously trying to keep everything running smoothly.  One side of their brain is focusing on remembering their guest’s child’s name so they can ask about them, while the other is eyeing the food to make sure it’s presentable.  Even before the party, the DIY planning will consume the host’s energy for so long that by the time the event actually does come around, the host just wants the effort to be over with.  All of this stress can be completely diminished by hiring someone to take on these logistics. Have the event planner worry if the food is presentable and pour their hours into planning the party beforehand so you can truly enjoy every moment of your special night.

Events Planner vs. DIY

There is a hesitation to hire an event planner, as the attraction of a DIY party has validity.

  • The DIY party will be extremely personalized to you and your guest list.  You know the people coming and can control every aspect of the party to satisfy your event attendees.
  • It seems ridiculous to hire someone to do a job that you can also do.
  • There is a satisfaction to seeing your work come together and designing the event is fun!

However, event planners cater to how their customer wants to personalize their party.  The client tells them what they want, and the event planner figures out the best way to do it. Planners won’t ignore requests, but rather work hard to make all the host’s visions actually happen. While someone might have a very clear picture in their head, they probably don’t have the tools or experience to properly execute it.

So you can certainly plan a party and if it’s something you love to watch come together... maybe you should even be an event planner too! If not, it’s certainly not ridiculous to hire someone to do the job who is professionally trained and completely committed to making your party just like the ones in Gossip Girl.

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