As Marketers we are always trying to think outside the box, coming up with new ways to showcase our products or reach new audiences. However, this isn’t as easy as it sounds. Throughout each part of the marketing mix evolves a balance of structure and chaos. Walking this fine line takes a special mind, and we’re going to look at why this is.
Thinking Outside The Box

In my experience, there are two types of workplace personalities, 1) the creative thinkers who are very disliking to uniform methods and processes, and 2) the process based thinkers who prefer everything to be calm, ordered, and redundant. Neither one of these personality styles is a bad trait, it just defines what job roles fit them best.

As much as we all want to say that “the sky is the limit”, we have to come to grips with what our capabilities and limits are. Far too often we see naturally gifted creative thinkers wasting their talents in a confined workspace with concrete processes and solutions, and likewise with those who enjoy structured environments over those with radical pressure to create and innovate.

Finding the right marketers for your business comes down to being adaptive. Technology is changing at the speed of light, so make sure your marketers can too. What has worked one day, will likely be irrelevant shortly down the road. We have to keep ourselves and our minds open to new ideas and not be afraid to dive into the unknown.

The best businesses in the world are the ones who have taken an educated risk to become something that wasn’t there previously. The same applies for marketers. We have to find what hasn’t been done yet and create it. This is where the true value in marketing lies. It isn’t just about how well you do something over and over, it’s about how well you can create something new entirely.

And as we’ve said, it takes a very special mindset to do this without crossing into the flames of irrationalism. Adapting to what has been done previously and moving forward, educatedly, with a new plan of action is what separates average marketers from true marketers. When clients aren’t happy with their marketing efforts and come to us, they typically ask “what are you going to do different?”

As you would imagine, we do our research and give them a good proposal for a fresh direction to move forward in, then they will always ask, “Why?” This is where the creative and structured mind meet. If you can articulate your rationale for why you chose such a new and unprecedented plan and how it will be implemented and reported on, then you have reached the pinnacle of what it means to be the ideal marketer.

Marketing Eye pays special attention to the personalities of those we hire to make sure they are the right fit for our organization and the rapid changing marketing world. With a team of highly motivated individuals with talents across the board, we have the ability to adapt to ever-changing technologies, environments, and consumer expectations.

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