There used to be a time when value was primarily denoted beyond what was seen, but rather read. Well this isn’t exactly the case anymore. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is drawn towards beauty. We have become a world society obsessed with glamour and aesthetically beautiful things. So what does this have to do with marketing? Just about everything as you might imagine.
The Visual Era

We used to see newspapers, magazines, and articles full of rich writing and content. Nowadays, images have taken the placeholder of content, fueling viewers visual appetite. A stark image is now a requirement of any post, ad, article, or video.

People don’t want to read anymore what is happening, they want to see what is happening. No matter how rich or impactful the content is, viewers will choose beauty and simplicity over reading material. So how has this changed marketing and advertising for businesses? Well for starters, we have had to condense messaging and informational pieces down to the bare minimum.

Regardless of the platform, website, social media, articles, ads, or postings, they all must be based off visuals first and then the content second. If I posted this article with a blurry or non-captivating image, the viewership would plummet. Clicks and views follow what is pleasing to the eye.

Hence why words are not popular right now, images are. For example, the immersion of the “meme” has taken the internet by storm. We live in a world where everyone wants to see the story before they read it. The attention span for the generations of today is minuet at best, and this leaves little room for fluff or bulky content.

The shift in consumer demands or rather personal behavior has shifted the dynamic of engagement. Social media posts are filled with postings of beautiful images and maybe a few accompanying words to explain it. That is why none of these blogs will never have more than 500 words in them.

Restructuring the entire span of your content as a business is challenging. The pathway to reach your audience effectively starts with minimization. Minimize all of the content that isn’t absolutely necessary. Streamline your messaging and your images to make everything elegant, easy to follow, and aesthetically beautiful. Beautiful, simple, and easy...that is the ultimate goal for marketers in 2017.

We spend a large portion of our time at Marketing Eye performing research to stay on top of the latest trends and fads. We believe that research and understanding of our audience is what separates good marketing from bad marketing. Contact us today to find out how we can help streamline your marketing efforts.
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