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If You Don't Make Your Bed...You Probably Won't Be Successful.

It’s my Marketing Eye notebook. Wherever I go, it now must follow.  All my tasks and future blog subjects are scribbled on it and I don’t want to even think about what would happen if I misplaced it.  

On the top left corner of the first page are four bullet points.  Four bullet points that on our first day, the company’s Managing Director Mellissah Smith gave insight to. She pointed to our blank pages and told us she was about to share the most important advice that every new intern should have and she required us to write them all down.  Maybe they were supposed to be the secret Marketing Eye formula to success but here I am on my third day, and already I’m ready to spill the beans! Jokes aside, there is so much about marketing I have yet to learn but these four bullet points have already become clear to me as something essential to follow.

1. Never, Ever Give Up
Maybe you’ve heard this in one or two or maybe even ten Disney movies so let me ask you this...have you ever seen a movie where the character gives up and succeeds?  Probably not. Perseverance is one of the most important qualities in a person and especially in a marketer. Things will go wrong and not everything will take off the way that was intended, but that doesn’t mean it was a failure.  That means it’s time to go back, collect information from what went south and create an even stronger strategy. Keep pushing forward until your mistakes turn into successes. You’re bound to get there even if it’s a difficult path and at times, things seem impossible to achieve.

Okay give this one a chance because maybe it’s not inspirational, but it’s just as valuable.

2. Make Your Bed Every Morning
Mellissah explained this one a little more: “If you do this first thing in the morning, it’s one less thing to need to do later.” Apparently, all successful people make their beds in the morning.  So did you make your bed this morning?! If not, it’s time to start re-evaluating your everyday routine. It’s easy to brush this one off and tell yourself you can be successful without making your bed every morning or maybe you even have someone who makes your bed for you, but give it a chance.  I’m giving it a try and my theory is if I start my day with this task, it will send a signal through my body telling it that today is going to be a productive day and I’m going to get stuff done! Watch out you non-bedmakers because one day us bed-makers are going to rise to the top and you’ll ask yourself why you couldn’t have taken that extra minute to pull up the sheets and puff your pillows.

3.Be Brave
No one ever got anywhere by being a coward. I think this one is especially relevant to marketing because you won’t create a following for a business if you don’t step a little bit onto the wild side.  Inspire people. Grab them with something that makes their eyes linger a little bit longer on what you are presenting. I see hundreds of clothing or salon ads and I’m more likely to chose the unique one...not the one that looks like the other 99.  Marketing Eye sets up strategies for businesses to perfectly balance the need to present their products accurately while also being brave and unique.

4.Try New Things.
Here I am, across the world in a country I’ve never been to doing a job I’ve never done.  I’d definitely say I’m “trying new things.” My reviews on this: 10/10. Just like being brave, no one ever got anywhere doing the same thing everyday. You need to grow, learn, and develop your mind and this is achievable by constantly introducing yourself to new things.

Mellissah explained to us something about graphic designers which I found very interesting.  After around 2-4 years, they start producing the same work. Realistically, they should be changing jobs often so that they don’t get stuck in a rut where they are spitting out the same design over and over again.  These graphic designers need to introduce new elements into their lives to improve themselves and perhaps that actually rings true for all employees, not just designers. I’m not saying to change jobs often, but understand that elements of people’s lives need to alter in order for them to create new perspectives and innovative new ideas. Society is always rapidly changing.  So shouldn’t your employees and business be changing and trying new things at the same speed? I think so.

So I just spilled all Mellissah’s secrets to success and what I have learned about marketing during my first few days here.  Take them and run with it or continue to not make your bed - and see how that works out for you!


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