Have you ever been on a jog or in a cycling class, and suddenly you have a really brilliant, creative idea? In addition to being physically fit, the effects of exercise on your mind are multi-faceted, and creativity is just one of the benefits.

The Creative Brain on Exercise


Elevated Alertness and Energy

When you exercise, you are increasing blood flow to the brain, therefore boosting oxygen levels, which can help sharpen awareness, improve focus and provide motivation to tackle a project. Skip the energy drink and hit the gym for an energy boost!

Increased Brain Cell Count and Mental Capacity

Exercise causes your brain to generate new neurons through a process known as neurogenesis. Studies have shown that this can enhance creativity simply because your mind is left to wander and your imagination can run wild. How about a kickboxing class to kick that writer’s block to the curb?

Mood Booster

Regular exercise can help curb feelings associated with anxiety and depression, and improve your state of mind, thanks to the brain’s release of endorphins and serotonin. Also, these chemicals strengthen your ability to prioritize tasks and manage stress.  

Improved Memory

The part of the brain structure associated with learning and memory systems, known as the hippocampus, grows as you become more fit, allowing you to obtain more information.

Illness Prevention

Exercise can improve your immune system, minimizing your chances of contracting influenza or the common cold, which means fewer sick days.

Think you can’t fit physical activity into your jam-packed schedule? Getting your sweat on isn’t limited to gym sessions in the early morning or evening. Use your lunch break to go for a brisk stroll or hit the gym for a low-impact (low-sweat) workout. You’ll return to the office with higher energy, a clearer mind, and possibly a breakthrough idea!

Encourage your co-workers to become more active by setting up a sponsored walk, or encourage staff to participate in a charity fitness challenge.  Not only will this provide a reason to exercise, but you will be contributing to a worthy cause and, as an added bonus, you could generate positive PR for your company. It’s a win win win!

The benefits of exercise extend far beyond fitting into your skinny jeans or bulking up, so lace up your tennis shoes, grab a set of headphones and feel the creative juices flow!

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