The most exciting thing about turning 13 for me was I could finally get a Facebook.  

Sorry...Facebook Can’t Come to the Phone Right Now. Why? Because it’s Dead...Or Is it?

I immediately friended everyone I could find and made a few posts which have been deleted since.  I’m sure you understand why when I tell you that I created an album titled “Me, myself, and I :P” where I put all my selfies and solo shots.  It was a phase, I’m not that weird anymore.

Has Facebook been a phase, though?  
Sometimes I think it’s just a graveyard full of middle aged men trying to reconnect with their high school buddies and moms posting pictures of their children’s first day of school. Other times, however, I notice that the older half of Gen Z is expected to not just have Facebook, but also keep it updated with fresh profile pictures and cover photos.

How active our generation is on Facebook varies.  
Some users only have it to see a few memes, get information about their club or school through Facebook groups, and post only a few basic pictures.  

Other users consistently post photos in albums, in a more casual manner than they would onto Instagram and in greater volume. I’ve realized that this is becoming less common, though, as most of the content on my Facebook feed is either memes or clickbait.

The most active people post articles or their own paragraphs about political and social issues.  In fact, Facebook has become a platform for frustrated Gen Zers to share their sentiments about current issues and the state of the US government.  

Finally, Everyone uses Facebook for “stalking” and if a Gen Zer denies it, they are most likely lying to you.  Whether it’s the new person your ex is seeing or just someone who was tagged in your friend’s photo, someone might spend 20 minutes looking through a stranger’s profile just observing who they are and making assumptions about them.  It sounds creepy, but it definitely feels very normal.

So... is Facebook dead or not?
For all of these reasons, Facebook is not dead, yet.  Do I believe Facebook will be dying soon? Yes. The younger Gen Zers are not getting FB accounts and creating embarrassing albums as soon as they turn 13.  Instagram, Snapchat, Musically, and Vsco is enough for all of them.

For now, though, Facebook provides people in their late teens and early twenties with a valuable procrastination tool.  Don’t want to write that essay? Just scroll through Facebook and keep yourself distracted by mediocre memes, a few photos that people have uploaded, and “stalking” others. When I’m in this procrastination mode, I’m very susceptible to clicking on ads that are slipped into my feed because nothing keeps me distracted like checking out that bathing suit company or scrolling through the upcoming events on a ticket selling website. There is a valuable audience that can be marketed to through Facebook. So with that in mind, I don’t think business should dismiss this medium as “dead” quite yet.  Facebook certainly isn’t all the rage as it used to be, but people are still relying on it in different ways.

New blog coming soon,
Annika Goldman

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