Marketing Eye was approached by Spanish Doughnuts with the view to promoting the first annual “World Churro Eating Competition” to be held at Melbourne’s Federation Square. With just over two weeks to go before the event date it was full steam ahead from the off-set. Marketing Eye met with Michael Aldemir, Director of Spanish Doughnuts Australia for an initial brain storming session, from here the promotional strategy was developed and implemented.

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The core promotional method utilised was Public Relations, this was deemed the best, most cost effective method of maximising brand exposure, encouraging competition entries and boosting public awareness of the event. The event itself was well designed in alliance with Salsa Melbourne, with entertainment and competitions to suit Spanish Doughnuts’ broad target market. The fun entertainment, churro tasting opportunities, competitions and cash prizes offered by Spanish Doughnuts proved to be of great interest to media and competition entrants alike.

A photography shoot was conducted by Marketing Eye at the planned event location, Federation Square, utilising Spanish Doughnuts samples displayed by a model who was carefully selected to complement and enhance the brand image. These professional photographs were utilised for media releases, on the company Facebook and in online promotions.

In order to deliver the best results for our client Marketing Eye utilised our media contacts to the maximum; personalised, targeted media releases were issued at key intervals before the event to print, radio, television and online media. The initial media release detailed the event as a whole highlighting the competition draw and the competition itself. The second media release took place following the competition draw, announcing that the finalists had been selected and adding information about the “Salsa Churro Dance Competition” that would take place at the event after the “World Churro Eating Competition”. In advance of the event a final media release was issued, including a promotional photograph for media use, to alert key Melbourne media with core facts, summarising the event that was about to hit Melbourne’s Federation Square. The event was also featured on a series of online food blogs, competition blogs, Federation Square’s website and Melbourne events websites, aimed at further increasing awareness and brand exposure.  

Competition entrants were encouraged in-store and through the Spanish Doughnuts website, Facebook and Twitter pages. A Facebook event was created for the “World’s First Churro Eating Competition” and competition guests were also invited through the company’s Facebook connections. Marketing Eye actively utilised the company’s Facebook and Twitter pages to assist in event promotion, through these mediums Marketing Eye ensured regular updates to Spanish Doughnuts’ fans, on key news and event information.

An alliance was also developed with Federation Square, the event venue, in order to further maximise pre-event exposure on location. The model photographs were developed by Marketing Eye, creating branded image slides for display on the three screens at Federation Square in advance of the event and for display on the big screen during the event itself.

Marketing Eye also provided detailed radio contacts to Spanish Doughnuts to assist them in arranging for the delivery of sample churros to the morning and drive-time radio hosts of popular Melbourne radio stations the day before the event, aimed at highlighting the general public’s awareness of the event.

In addition, in order to further enhance online exposure and convey the fun, community aspect of the event, Marketing Eye’s creative team developed a YouTube Clip to promote the competition (  This clip was designed to feature on the company’s website, Facebook page and on the big-screen at Federation Square during the event.

The results were outstanding, a credit to Marketing Eye’s PR team and established media alliances. Print coverage was achieved from Melbourne Weekly, Leader Newspapers, Take 5 Magazine and the event featured extensively online through blogs, with the company’s Facebook ‘likes’ notably increasing during the pre-competition period. As part of the pre-event promotion a feature on “7PM Project” was secured in the Metro Whip Around. The “World’s First Churro Eating Competition” was the Melbourne highlight on the night (

Also, at the event itself Channel 10 and Seven were present to film this monumental moment in churro eating history, interviewing Michael from Spanish Doughnuts and Ruari Currin the “World’s First Churro Eating Champion”. The resulting television coverage was superb, with the event featuring as part of the daily news on both channels with footage of the event also shown leading to the commercial break. In addition, a number of media photographers attended on the day; we eagerly await the post event coverage!

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  • Salli

    An impressive set of activities and end results! I have always considered PR fascinating but a slightly difficult area to master because the outcome of the PR activities is so heavily dependent on people outside the company doing the PR.

    Hence, I'm impressed every time by PR people and what they can do!

  • Marlon

    Every growing business needs more initiatives like that.

  • Marlon

    Nothing is better than an event to make people know your product.

  • Marlon

    Good idea promoting this event.
    It's commom to see hot dog competition, but not with Churros. It can introduce Spanish Doughnuts' products to new customers.

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