The other day, our art director shared his results on a recent Glassdoor office personality quiz. Sparking great interest, each of us decided to take the short questionnaire and see what our results were. So what did the results tell us about the dynamics of our office?
Office Personality Quizzes Lead To Better Communication

You should know that I don’t put too much stock into the accuracy of these short personality quizzes in general, but I found this one to be particularly interesting. The reason why is simple. If you had asked each of our team members to guess what each one of us would be based on the six office personality results, we would have nailed every one of them.

The six office personality profiles are as listed below:

The Work-Life Balancer

The Politician

The Stress Ball

The Comedian

The Workaholic

The Historian

I won’t waste your time by diving into the definition of each one, but rather let you take the short work personality quiz. It only took 2 minutes, if that, to complete it. However, it was a stark realization that our team is built of entirely different dynamics, all fitting too.

Our business development director and sales intern received the workaholic, as they are highly motivated and typically Type-A personalities. Our art director and web developer received the work-life balancer result, given that they are must be relaxed and creative in their work to be effective. One of our marketing executives received the comedian, because every office has one. And then there’s myself, who received the politician. This fits for a few reasons, since I have played both the role of sales and marketing during my tenure at Marketing Eye.

But at the end of the day, these results are not meant to be perfect, but there is some great merit in understanding the dynamics of your team. Realizing how each person on your team acts and reacts can help each of you communicate better. If nothing else, the office personality results open up discussions between the team about what they think the correct results should be. Either way, everyone on your team can not only take something valuable away for themselves, but also from each member of the team.

I know that we all learned something valuable yesterday. This short quiz or any other personality test for that matter will only improve each member’s ability to communicate with one another in daily projects. Think about it this way, a two minute quiz may just save your team a few arguments or communication delays down the road, thus saving you time, money and stress.

To get to know some of the personalities at Marketing Eye, contact us today.

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