I have been putting magazines together since the Czech Republic applied for membership to the EU. That was 1996 and back then Tupac was still alive, Trainspotting was released into cinemas and the French halted nuclear testing in the Pacific.

Magazine production has been my passion for almost 20 years, and whilst I am making myself feel old writing this blog, there has remained a sense of achievement with each and every issue of the thousands I have helped produce, including the latest issue of Marketing Eye.
From automation to inside sales, remarketing and branding it’s all here

There are times when one issue can be more difficult than another; when one comes through like a heavy south easterly tornado and knocks you off your feet whilst others just happen: easily, quickly and with minimal fuss causing you to question whether you’ve left something out.

For the most part, no matter how they are generated, the great thing about magazines is they always come together and when you have done your job properly they should be a great, entertaining read.

I have said it before, but the key to creating a successful magazine is that mix of information and entertainment. You need articles that have that ‘yeah, I agree with everything you’ve said’ factor. Or the ‘I am going to take the information you have given me and apply it to my life/business’. 

Whilst magazines are always a work in progress and can always get better, we have the nail in the head in terms of formula with Marketing Eye magazine. This is a magazine for marketers and businesses to find out every cutting edge and workable solution they need to push their businesses to new levels. 

Everything you ever wanted to know about marketing you will find throughout the pages of Marketing Eye: from automation to inside sales, remarketing and branding it’s all there.

And it is also delivered in the interviews we have conducted with some of Australia’s best entrepreneurs and B2Bs.

Every business is different; every company manager wants to find the best ways to market their business and build their brand and throughout the pages of Marketing Eye, software giant Cirrus, lighting experts Bemi and highly successful companies such as The Lion Partnership, BTG, Pemco, Intercax, Lubrication Engineers, Solution Tree and Scan Rent all share their inspiring stories of success and their views on brand building.

And then there are the major global players. We’re talking the Bransons and Gates of the world. Nitro’s Sam Chandler. Our own kikki.K and Spanx legend Sara Blakely.

They are all here in the pages of Marketing Eye magazine. So if you want to be informed and entertained, buy your copy now.

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Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson is an experienced editor and writer who has worked in print and digital media for almost 20 years.

Jonathan has edited titles across a range of industries including sports and lifestyle, health, trade and business and finance. Among these titles are Soccer International, Women’s Fitness and Health, Wealth Creator, Think & Grow Rich, Your Trading Edge and Business First of which he is currently the managing editor.

Jonathan has also written two books: Offside - The Wild Side of Soccer and Australia's Wealth Creators.

He is the Media and Content Manager for Marketing Eye.

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