Effective marketing presents a daunting challenge for any business. Unless you are the sole provider of a product, good marketing is what will set you apart from the competition. It is what let’s your customers and prospects know what the latest and greatest is at your company. Traditional marketing was slightly above the accuracy of searching for Gold. However, now we are able to move past this technological gap and enter the race for complete transparency across your marketing agenda.
Marketing Can Be Less Gray Than You Think

Every year we are scaling the rapidly evolving mountain of digital marketing to find more and more ways to reach new audiences and track performance. Each morning that I wake up and churn through my emails and trending items, I am enlightened on new extensions, applications, and technologies available to better track, analyze, and extend my marketing capabilities.

These new technologies allow us to have visibility to see where traffic is coming from and where it is going. This makes every marketer a master of decision making, at least on their side. We can see what is working and what is not working, and then make proper adjustments to maintain effective spending.

With all this technology to give us clarity when it comes to your marketing dollars, where could the gray area be then?

A major problem which exists between clients and their agencies is the communication structure. Even though the technology is there and the visibility is there, many agencies don’t have a reporting and communication process in place. Clients may not know exactly when they will get their reports, what KPIs are even being evaluated, or what the agency has even been working on. This isn’t even including the interpretation of the reporting to the client, which can also be vague or not in plain language.

When all this is occurring, clients are left in the gray area of marketing, not knowing what is really happening with their investment. The only way to jump out of the gray zone in marketing is to partner with an agency who has a system in place to communicate effectively the reporting and action items on a weekly and monthly basis.

Communication, as in phone calls, should be established at least once a week to discuss all upcoming priorities and challenges. This ensures that both parties are in alignment moving forward. Once the communication agenda is clearly laid out before both parties, a reporting schedule is to follow. Weekly and monthly reports give your clients comfort in knowing where every minute and dollar went on a weekly and monthly basis.

With a process like this, the mysterious gray areas of marketing are minimized and the trust between marketing agencies and businesses is maximized.

Marketing Eye utilizes the latest in analytics technology to provide you with clear-cut visibility to all of your marketing activities and dollars across the board. Contact us today and get out of the gray area.

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