Driving massive brand awareness can be a powerful tactic in marketing, but true value is derived in the quality of who you are targeting. Marketing isn’t just a form of spreading awareness and news regarding products and services, but rather a science. Understanding how to build your marketing around a relevant and engaged audience is what will drive business success.
Less Is More

How many times have you been snooping around on social media and noticed some of your competition, or just businesses in general, with thousands and thousands of likes and followers, but no real engagement on their page? This is what happens when a business decides to buy followers.

This is a bad idea for several reasons:

  1. The audience is probably made up and full of fake accounts or bots.

  2. You may actually cause your prospects to over think your capabilities in the market place. For example, if a business has 25,000 followers and appears to be represented as a large size firm, it may lose out on customers who think they will be expensive and out of their range.

  3. Nothing can beat a relevant audience. What good are 25,000 likes or followers if only 20 of them have any reason to engage with your page?

A following that is paid for may give some prospects a credible perception of the business, but it pales in comparison to the damage that an irrelevant list can do to your social media relevancy, engagement, and lead generation.

Social Media is just one facet which paid lists have infected. Another area is found within the paid call and email lists. As stated before, the lists are typically inaccurate, falsified, and an overall waste of money.

With everything being traceable in 2017, we are are now able to build more precise audience profiles for businesses. We are able to find them at the click of a button and advertise specifically to their job title, location, or even experience level. This is an uncanny ability which is being underused.

Relevant marketing is achieved through organic and carefully chosen advertising. Defining who your audience is and segmenting them as fine as you can is the first step towards building an engaged following.

Next, look at all of the ways to reach them organically, non-paid. Tactics such as hand-picking who to follow on Instagram/Twitter and finding relevant publications to post a Press Release or News Release in. More importantly, maintaining website SEO is also a crucial aspect of sustaining keen relevancy in the market place.

Finally, customize your ads and your ad criteria to align with your target audience, thus maximizing your campaign efficiency. Don’t go out into the market casting a wide net, cast several small nets designed to capture targeted leads in the ideal environment.

Marketing Eye specializes in honing in on specific audiences, however challenging, and finding creative ways to reach them. A holistic approach to your paid and non-paid marketing activities is what separates Marketing Eye from your average outsourced marketing agency.
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