Marketing has always been known as a shot in the dark at best, however, times are changing and so have our processes. If your marketing team or agency doesn’t have answers for your questions as to why or how you are doing something, it’s probably because they are not trained correctly. A properly trained team can make all the difference when it comes to strategic marketing.
It's All About The Team

I have often been asked, “How can we be sure that your marketing team will get us the results and clients we’re looking for?” The answer is simple, we don’t know what the results will be for sure, but we do know that we will have a very calculated, collaborative, and well thought out approach to your marketing strategy.

We will be able to see what works and what isn’t working, and quickly make adjustments along the way. Marketing isn’t a science by any means, but there is a lot of researching and testing that goes into your marketing campaigns.

The key to maximizing your marketing dollars is to have a team of marketing professionals who understand what they are testing and trying, so that they will actually know when their campaigns are or aren’t working. For example, if you have someone who is managing an AdWords campaign that has very good KPIs such as CPC, CTR, Avg. Pos, that is great and all from a statistical standpoint. But where is the value in running a good statistical campaign if you are not actually gaining really qualified leads or generating revenue?

This is where analytics and a sharp marketing team can save you time and more importantly money. Understanding the balance of what you are trying to achieve with your marketing efforts versus what is actually occurring can be challenging. This is why a collaborative team is necessary to bounce ideas and proposals off of each other to gain clear vision to what is working and what isn’t.

Even though the person running the AdWords campaign is likely driving real success from a AdWords standpoint, they are not driving the intended goal of converting leads and closing sales. If you have a team who understands the metrics and the true value of your marketing dollars, they will pull the AdWords campaign after seeing that maybe your intended audience really isn’t searching for your product or service through Google.

Granted, that is just one example of a campaign that can be interpreted depending on your ultimate goal for your campaign. All this to say that a well trained and experienced marketing team, that knows when to shift directions in your marketing efforts, can be the difference maker in the longevity of your firm.

Marketing Eye takes a very wholesome approach to every marketing plan for our clients. Using KPIs and a team of experienced industry specialists, we are able to efficiently navigate the obstacles in marketing and drive real results. Let’s talk and get you on the road to success.
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