I am a Grey’s Anatomy junkie.  

Is Netflix Deciding Gen Z’s Jobs?

I love it. The fervor of the ER, the thought process of surgeons trying to figure out a nearly impossible case, and the intertwined personal lives of all the doctors.  It makes this intense job look glamorous. For a split second, I even asked myself if I wanted to be like Meredith Grey or Cristina Yang. The Buzzfeed personality quiz said I would be an anesthesiologist, though, so I guess I’d be more of a Ben Warren.

I also love a good Criminal Minds episode. Do I have to pause Netflix at times to take deep breaths when it gets too intense or yell what my prediction at the screen? Yes. Their job of slowly picking apart crimes and watching as their minds move so quickly makes my heart beat a little faster...so maybe I should be in the Behavioral Analysis Unit in the 

Even Parks and Rec makes me want to move to Swanee and work next to Leslie Knope because TV has successfully made almost every single occupation look like a glamorous lifestyle. From working with the President in Shonda Rhime’s Scandal, to working as a Beverly Hills maid in Devious Maids, each show gives personality and a deeper importance to these occupations.

Understanding occupations
Realistically, maids in Beverly Hills are probably not cleaning blood off the floor and gaining access to any crazy secrets, but, these shows allow us to imagine that maybe they do.  Perhaps it gives us more respect and understanding for professions that we are not involved in ourselves. For example, before I watched Grey’s Anatomy, I had no idea how difficult the process was to become a full time surgeon.  I also didn’t know how to perform open heart surgery, but 15 seasons later, it might be an option.

Reality TV
Not only does TV promote all sorts of jobs by glamorizing them, but certain shows also can give people hope for their own success.  Contest shows such as Top Chef, The Voice, and Shark Tank inspire others. They not only give the everyday person a direct path to playing out their dreams, but also suggest that anyone from any background can pursue their passion and potentially be successful.  You see a diverse set of stories on these shows that vary from an underprivileged dreamer who has been singing his whole life, to a wealthy girl who wrote a cookbook when she was five and has continued to create masterpieces since then.

Gen Z
TV shows have the power to awaken a certain passion in the watchers.  Perhaps it’s not College or a role model that pushes us Gen Zers towards a certain job.  Perhaps it’s Greys Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Parks and Rec, and so on that helps us decide what we want to be when we grow up.

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