Is the book or the movie better?  

I Watched the Justin Bieber Movie 22 Times; Why Video is Powerful

It’s a classic question and the typical answer is usually the book. The book allows people to peer into the character's head while also leaving a lot up to their own imagination.  With movies, the director has the power to completely manipulate the visuals and audio so he can control how the audience feels. So while people might prefer the book, the movie will be an overall more powerful experience.  It captivates every part of you, engaging your eyes, mind, and ears. It’s just you and the screen as everything else falls away.

Emotional Pull
Video dramatically aids marketing as you can make people feel in the moment of that ad how they would be feeling if they bought your product.  Beautiful cinematography and powerful music can make people feel deep emotions. These emotions will tie the watcher to the product as they will not only remember the use of the product, but how it made them feel.  The muscular men in the Old Spice commercial will make the watcher feel masculine or strong and the animal cruelty commercials never fail to pull tears out of people. Confession: the animal cruelty videos where “In the Arms of an Angel” begins to play make me sob.  Sometimes I even think about it in the middle of my day and get a little choked up.

Coming to life
Video makes products come to life.  The product becomes real in a way that cannot happen with a stationary picture or print ad. The strategy is to show not tell in the video why what’s being sold is valuable.  People can suddenly picture themselves taking the place of the actor on screen and the product fitting perfectly into their life. Even if the situation in the video doesn’t directly relate with anything happening in the audience’s life, they will connect with a story and the emotion that the actors are feeling.  

Gen Z
With Gen Z as the up and coming consumer audience, it is more important than ever to ensure companies are using social media properly. Gen Z watches less TV than older generations, so companies must find other mediums to display their videos.  Social media provides a platform for companies to not only release their commercials themselves, but also an opportunity to have others share, like, and comment. This will give the video a longer life, as people continue to remain active and push the content into their friends’ timelines.  To increase the chance of the video being shared, it must be substantive. Inspirational stories or funny clips stick with people and give them a real reason to show it to others.

The Camp Gyno
The amount of times I have watched this ad almost rivals how many times I watched Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never movie when I was going through Bieber Fever (let’s be honest, not sure if it ever went away). Anyways, the reason this commercial is so memorable is because its mimics a reality TV show which is an effective way to completely capture the audience and not have them dose of thinking, “oh it’s just another commercial.” In fact, the product doesn’t even show up until the last 30 seconds of the video. If you actually clicked above and actually watched it, you would also know it’s hilarious. It isn’t telling you why the product is useful, it shows you.  It shows you a world without HelloFlo and then how much nicer it is once it is introduced. Bye-bye crazy Camp Gyno!

So, while people might love books more than movies, marketers definitely love film more than paper ads because it has so much more potential to be effective.  

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