When I was younger, I solely drank Pepsi.  

I Only Drank Pepsi Because Beyonce Told Me To; How Celebrity Endorsement Affects Gen Z

At restaurants when they told me they only had Coca Cola, I would have to pass. I couldn’t betray Pepsi like that and more importantly, I couldn’t betray Beyonce like that. Beyonce had been doing advertisements for Pepsi for years and as a young girl, there was no one more powerful than ‘Bey’.  If her endorsement of Pepsi actively made me avoid other sodas, I’d say celebrity endorsement is a powerful thing, especially among Generation Z.

I mean look at our favorite K sisters, practically everything the Kardashians or Jenners do becomes a trend.  Kendall could slide some paper bags on her feet and Balenciaga would start selling them as shoes for over a thousand dollars.

But why?  How does celebrity endorsement work better with Gen Z than other generations?

Social Media
Surely you knew we wouldn’t be able to get through a Gen Z blog without talking about social media!  
Generation Z is more likely to follow celebrities than companies on Instagram. Therefore, we pay less attention to ads sent out by the actual business and more attention to who is actually using the products.  The only reason I would really go to a company’s Instagram is if an influencer like Gigi Hadid or Alexis Ren tags them in their post. In some ways, this makes it easier for companies because the icon already has the target audience set up-- full of people probably interested in the same things as the icon.  These influencers craft their instagrams very carefully to keep up an image, an image their followers crave to mimic. So, if there is something that the followers can buy to be more like a socialite, then their interest is peaked.

Not Fake
Sometimes, it’s hard to tell when something is a scam and when something is actually a beneficial thing to buy. When a celebrity endorses something on social media, Generation Z is more likely to trust this product, as it seems more authentic than a staged advertisement. The celebrity already uses it, and since it works for the celebrity, followers assume it will work for them as well.  

Celebrity “clout”
Clout is something I have discussed in an earlier blog, as it is very relevant to our generation. It basically means how cool and influential someone is in a “chill” kind of way and most Gen Z’ers crave as much as they can get. The major socialites and celebrities including the Jenner sisters, Hailey Baldwin, Sofia Richie, Rihanna, and many others, all possess what might be considered the maximum amount of “clout,” and therefore, can pull off some especially unique styles. All of these stars have worn outfits that would be seen as “extremely strange” on someone else, but because they are doing it first, it makes it more normal for others to do the same. They can make a business’ product a trend in one post wearing a pair of sunglasses or visiting a certain restaurant.  These influencers and icons normalize obscure fashion, among other products and services.

Celebrity endorsement is a very easy way to market to Gen Z as their support can create a culture around certain products and even have people only drinking Pepsi instead of anything else!

New blog coming soon,
Annika Goldman

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