The automatic belief is that women are disadvantaged in the workplace.  

How I Might Be Stronger in the Workplace Because I Am a Woman

From the difference in salary, to being called bossy when a male would just be called a strong leader, there is certainly a lot of reality to this situation.  However, there are also a lot of potential strengths a woman can take on because of her gender.

When I was first introduced to this blog topic, I was hesitant because nothing came to mind for why I might be more powerful in the workplace because I am female. After thinking about it a little more, I have to believe us women have some advantages too.

First off, perhaps this is a generalization, but women can juggle more things at once.  My dad, who has worked in many leadership positions throughout his business life, has always told me how his female employees are able to handle multiple tasks at once with more efficiency and success than his male employees have been able to. In his efforts to make sure I kept my head up during middle and high school, he also told me how strong women would always be able to control a room.  No matter how many men were in that room, nothing beats a strong woman.

There is a greater amount of women than men who either drop out of work or take time off. Since companies are required and aim to have a certain amount of women in their population, the women who stay in work after having children or don’t have children can take advantage of this.  However, women and men are both getting longer paid leaves when a child is born these days, so this advantage could change soon.

Finally, most purchasing is made by women for all kinds of consumer products and family needs.  Therefor, in most cases, women workers are at an advantage because they will understand the majority of the intended customer.  Especially in marketing, women will understand the minds of other women’s minds in a way that males cannot. And therefore, and you don’t have to agree with me, I believe women are the better marketers.  They know why something is wanted and how to grab the attention of their gender. Of course, there are so many different kinds of women and therefor, diversity of race, religion, and beliefs will always be integral to reaching the broadest amount of people.

Maybe this blog is full of stereotypes and to be honest, I’m still debating some of the thoughts I wrote down.  There are plenty of ways each woman can be stronger in the workplace and also ways they are forced to be weaker due to their gender. All I know is there are a lot of strengths in being a woman in the workplace and it’s time to focus on what makes women so powerful and important in the business world.

New blog coming soon,
Annika Goldman


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