There’s no question that Generation Z has had an affect on marketing.  As it becomes easier to reach us through social media, though, marketing strategies mush become even more grabbing and be the one thing that stands out in our feed that we need to have.

How Gen Z Has Affected Marketing

Digital Technology
Perhaps the biggest defining characteristic about Gen Z is our obsession with technology.  Most of us spend hours a day scrolling through social media or texting. It’s the best way to reach us and because of that, marketing has taken a dramatic turn to relying on social media.  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and even Snapchat… businesses must be active on all of them to create a presence among Gen Z. They can’t just send out a television ad every so often, rather, companies need to have a constant output on all their social media pages.  Gen Z likes to see businesses active, it assures that they are up and running well.

Gen Z loves to not only buy products, but also help to build a brands story.  Take GoPro...a huge part of their brand is what their customers give back to them.  They are constantly holding competitions and exhibitions of GoPro owner’s footage which encourages people to really go out and use the product and become a loyal follower.  GoPro has created an easy way for travelers and dare-devils to capture and then share their adventures from touring a foreign country to extreme mountain biking. Viewers will see these videos and feel more inclined to have their own adventures and buy a GoPro to make their own video.
Gen Z’s wanting to help build the story of a brand can help with the companies marketing, but only if the company gives platforms for the customers to do so as GoPro has.

Social Responsibility
Gen Z holds businesses to certain social responsibilities.  We care about where things come from and how they are made. Organic food and keeping the substances we put in our body healthy is important to us along with ensuring that businesses aren’t using methods such as child labor.  We care about our own safety in addition to others and we expect companies to care along with us. A shirt that has a mistaken racist undertone or a slightly homophobic comment made by a company leader can turn thousands of Gen Zers off.  Gen Z will not only boycott by not buying products from one of these companies, but also taint the reputation of the company by posting about it on social media and making sure word spreads like wildfire. Brands that emphasize being made in the US or having a charitable aspect to it are quick to catch out eyes. This has pushed more and more companies to try and market in this way by having ads that suggest they are not only selling their product, but also have a greater purpose of helping others.

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