Here I am, writing my last blog for Marketing Eye.  It feels like just yesterday that Nick and I nervously rode up the elevator to the 4th floor and walked into our own office room from which we can see the tips of the Sydney Opera House.  

Goodbye Marketing Eye

I had no idea what was in store, and all I knew was what I had gotten off of the website. Over the past few weeks, though, I have learned not only a lot about marketing...but also myself. So here it goes...

My main role here has been writing these blogs, which is perfect as I’ve always loved to write.  My first blog, I won’t lie to you...I crushed it. It currently has almost 600 views and I cannot express to you how thrilling that is to know so many eyes have taken in my words. I know a lot of that is because it was shared on more platforms than my other ones, but I also like to think it was one of my best pieces, as there is nothing I know better than how to market to girls like me.

After that strong start, however, my blogs fell to lower numbers with a few exceptions that reach around 100 views. I thought that these blogs were around the same level of interesting as my first one, and desperately tried to think of interesting titles that would catch people’s eyes and focused too deeply on minute details rather than the broader idea. For a some time, I spent a superfluous amount of time checking the stats to see if my numbers had risen at all. Of course, it’s important to know I’m getting reads, but I soon realized it’s even more important for me to feel genuinely proud of my blogs.  As I said before, I love to write and when I reminded myself that writing these blogs should be fun...I produced better pieces.

My Future
I’m still a teenager.  There’s a lot I don’t know yet and I really only have a very vague sense of what I want to do with my future, but something I’ve truly realized is I have to be doing something I’m passionate about.  Maybe it’s a cliche and people tell you over and over “do what you love,” but you can’t deny there is also that voice in your head that tells you to look towards what will make you the most money. At least I have that voice, but I also know I will fail to be successful if I’m doing something that bores me to death.  

Marketing Eye
I have to believe this is why Marketing Eye is so successful.  People are passionate here at every level. From all of the interns to Marketing Eye Founder, Mellissah Smith, this business is working tirelessly to bring their best work to all their clients.  Walking into the office is like walking into a strong group of friends, as everyone works seamlessly together and help each other out whenever needed. As they dive into their new world with Robotic Marketer, I can only imagine the things they will accomplish.  

So thank you Marketing Eye for welcoming me into the family and thank you Pippa for keeping me company while I’m across the world from my own dog.

Signing off,
Annika Goldman

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