Here and there we find ourselves hitting a stroke of luck without any intention or guidance. No matter what area of business you are in, these random unforeseen victories are few and far in between. In order to sustainably build your firm’s standing in the market, you need to have a clear aim at the target. Let’s take a look at how we approach making growth attainable through strategic marketing:
Get Clarity In Your Marketing Strategy

Although there are some agencies and marketing departments who have stumbled upon that pot of gold yielding wildly successful results, but what happens after? Is it just a one-hit wonder or is there actually a system in place to ensure that this can be repeated in different forms and channels down the road?

If there is any uncertainty in either part of that question, it is likely that a sustainable process for strategic marketing might need to be revisited or invented in many cases. As I play a part in both sales and marketing, I am exposed to the initial conversations and the in-depth conversations with clients. Having this exposure has enlightened me in a number of ways.

The first is that many business owners, CEOs, and leaders believe that marketing is simple and actionable. I can’t even count how many times I have been asked on the first inquiry call, “so what will you do for our company and what do we need?”. Sure, I could say a number of things right off the bat such as SEO, web development, social media, public relations, and so on.

But what would that really say to this prospect? That I’m very good at guessing and standardizing what every client needs? This is why a full marketing audit is required to have any justifiable rationale for any client’s marketing needs or actions. Not every client needs web development or an Instagram account because every company is different. Great marketing isn’t performed overnight, it takes time and investment in intense research, understanding, and strategic direction.

After you have a real grip on the strengths, weaknesses, pain points, and gaps of a business’s marketing efforts, you can lay the groundwork for what is to be improved and worked on. At this point, the only parts left are creating a timeline to achieve said marketing initiatives and actually implementing them.

Marketing Eye performs a full marketing audit for all of our clients, which includes: industry research, competitor analysis’, Alexa rankings, SEO evaluations and recommendations, and social media assessments among many others.  

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