New York is a competitive environment.  

Four Questions to Ask When Looking for a Marketing Firm in New York

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, there are approximately 50,000 new companies each year, which means there will be hundreds of businesses similar to each other in goals and intended customer bases.  That’s why it is essential for companies in New York to hire a marketing firm to ensure that the companies marketing strategy will have more promise of success over the competitors.  While it may seem intimidating to choose a firm to trust with such a big endeavor, it can be be simpler with these four questions:

1. Who have they done work for?
Are there reputable companies that have used and spoken highly of the firm you are looking at?  You would want to steer away from companies that have few references and focus on ones that have long lists of successes. These are the firms that know what works and what doesn’t in the marketing world and are absolutely trustable.

2. What is their best work?
Who was their best work for and what was the outcome?  How personalized was it to that company and would your own company receive the same attention?  It’s important to see a variety of the firm’s best work to see if they have a strong hold over many different styles.  Additionally, you want to see what kind of work this firm holds up on a pedestal as their, “best work.” Does it meet your standards? You should be able to expect that your company will be just as good quality of work.

3.What will they do for us?
How does this firm understand your company? How will they get to know what is important to you?  You have to ensure that the firm cares about these things so that you feel secure about them creating something catered to your company.  They will create a marketing strategy unique to your goals and ambitions that you would not have been able to create as effectively if you were without a firm.

4.What proven success do they have with new technologies?
These days, AI is all the rage in marketing as it creates a more effective and accurate way to personalize marketing for both buyers and sellers.  It is crucial the firm you work with is up to date on all technological advances because it will create an even better outcome for your business. Programs such as Robotic Marketer, used by Marketing Eye, take data and over 200 marketing strategies to produce a very smart, intuitive, plan.  While marketers are very knowledgeable and can create incredibly helpful plans, Robotic Marketer will always create the best strategy as AI is more reliable than solely human research.

Just as there are hundreds of businesses like yours in the city, there are hundreds of marketing firms, so that is why it is very important for you to do your research and make sure that you connect with the firm and trust them.  Marketing Eye is a widely successful international marketing firm that creates very intricate marketing strategies. We constantly stay up to date in our technological use and have recently mastered the use of Robotic Marketer into strategy creation. Click here for more information.

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