People say that the water in New York is some of the best quality water in the world.  

Empire State of Mind; How New York is The Most Successful City With Over 50,000 New Businesses Each Year

The majority of it flows all the way from the Catskills through the pipes and out the faucet for the 8.5 million people who live in the city.  8.5 million people who collectively speak over 800 languages and are of all races, socio-economic statuses, sexualities, religion, and so on.

New York really is a melting pot of all types of ideas and beliefs and this diverse community pushes people to get more of their own thoughts out there. As Alicia Keys sings in Jay-Z’s Empire State of Mind: “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do...these streets will make you feel brand new, big lights will inspire you,” NYC is a place for peoples’ thoughts to flourish.  Every street you walk down, there are colorful window displays and billboards that could double as pieces of artwork in the MOMA. With each matinee and night time performance that lets out, people flood into the streets and their cheeks get rosy with excitement as they chatter about what they just saw. The architecture throughout the city shifts and creates different atmospheres. The people walking by you on the street will all be sporting the newest and chicest trends.  NYC practically forces culture and creativity down the throats of anyone who steps foot on its sidewalks of gold.

Young and Ambitious Minds
New York has the tons of minds banking on success and ready to do whatever it takes to get there.  Many world renowned and respected colleges and universities in the city feed hungry and energized young adults right into the workforce.  In addition to that, huge numbers of recent graduates from other schools flock to New York for their first job. These revenues ensure that the city always has a plethora of young, eager minds. The intensity associated with NYC that requires all businesses and their workers to be driven and hard working and if the newcomers cannot acclimate to this fervor, then they will be easily pushed aside. You snooze, you lose. Especially in the city that never sleeps. New York doesn’t have time for people who aren’t ambitious.  

Craving Wealth
Not only is a basic life in New York expensive, but on top of that, people crave luxury.  Fifth avenue, Wall Street, and fancy restaurants put wealth on the highest pedestal; driving people to search for a way to make themselves wildly wealthy.  

The creativity, excess of fresh & ambitious minds, and desire to be rich that fills the streets of New York is the reason that year after year, around 50,000 new businesses take off and New York remains the mecca of business and extremely influential to the rest of the world.  Or maybe it’s just something in their water that keeps them on top.

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