Recently, everyone in the Atlanta office took a personality test. If you follow our blogs you can see that we have a very diverse group here in ATL! This helps keep us on our toes and gives us the unusual ability to see a problem from different angles for our clients. But enough about us, we know our personalities. What I want to know is - do you know the personality of your brand?
Do You Know The Personality Of Your Brand?

Humans are emotional creatures.  Most people react with empathy to sad situations, think about the abused animal ads that make you cry. Ok, don’t think about them too long or you’ll get bummed out. These ads aren’t just to make you sad, but by creating an emotional reaction you are more likely to bust out your wallet. Now think about your brand. You don’t necessarily want to make people cry but you can and should try and get some kind of emotional reaction.

What is your story? Everyone from comic book characters to the store around the corner has an origins story. Think about why you started your business. Did you really just do it for the money, or did you have a need that you had to fulfill?

So many companies don’t realize the potential of expressing this story to your audience. You have the perfect platform...your about page is about you! Tell your story and get people fired up about your brand.

However, the about page isn’t the only place for personality.  It needs to be in your entire brand, in everything you do.  If you want your brand to be thought of as playful then perhaps a cute or funny logo. Getting personality into your brand can be as simple as the tone of your copy.  There are so many examples of serious and dull brands out there.  Stand out, tell your story!
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