Why work harder when you can work smarter and faster? Well at Marketing Eye, we spend a sizeable amount of time researching new technologies to help move the dial forward for our clients and ourselves. Let’s look at some examples of technologies that can help automate your processes and save your team time…
Automation Is King

One of the common misconceptions with marketing today is that automation is too templated and impersonal, which steers people away many times. Automation doesn’t mean that you lose the personal nature of your content, it just takes the hard labor out of the distribution and reporting of it.

Two key phrases have undermined much of the debate over efficiency in marketing and sales. These phrases being “time is money” and “quality or quantity”. But I say, why not have both? You don’t have to sacrifice time or quality...But rather balance integrate one into the other.

For example, I recently discovered the intrinsic value in using automated systems for generating a targeted social media following. I first tested them on my own accounts to see what the outcomes would be and to understand if they really are as good or bad as both sides would suggest.

As it turns out, if you understand how to use these automated technologies effectively, the results are limitless. You can get exactly what you need in minutes instead of hours. Playing devil’s advocate, you must use these automated technologies carefully to obtain the right results, without damaging your brand image.

The key is to automate your processes, but keep your content fresh and original. No one wants to read a templated, copied and pasted message. They want to hear and see a message which strikes them personally. From sales engagement platforms, CRMs, marketing automation platforms and social media automation programs, there are endless solutions to free up your creative time.

Don’t wait a second longer to upgrade, go above and beyond what you thought was possible.  Start increasing the effectiveness of your work, while improving productivity.

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