We often get asked by our clients “what is a custom landing page and why is it necessary?” There are many ways to approach advertising in the digital space, however having a custom landing page is the most efficient way to get the desired conversion rates or hard sales. Here are 3 reasons why you should always have a custom built landing page for every one of your digital advertisements:
Are Landing Pages Worth The Trouble?

1) Personalized Content  

Customized landing pages give a firm the ability to really tailor the look, feel, and content of a page to the audience. Many firms choose to direct new ad clicks to an existing page on their website, such as the home page or contact us page. This is good in the sense that they will at least be exposed to your website, but you’ll lose a large portion of your audience instantly because relevancy.

The best advertisements work not because of reach or sheer numbers, but rather relevancy and alignment to the audience. The ultimate goal as a marketer is for your audience to see your content and feel as though you are speaking directly to them, not some mass reach templated messaging.

2) Strong Call To Action

The second valuable asset of a landing page is the call to action, which is your virtual closer. This is the ultimate action that you want your prospects to take after clicking your ad. It can be different for every company depending on the service or product being offered. For some the desired result may be to sell products, while others might be to fill out a lead form or enroll in something.

However, a targeted call to action ensures that the viewer will only be exposed to the desired action easily and painlessly. A customized call to action is perfect for minimizing the unnecessary information needed for the call to action. The more you can streamline the flow and call to action of your landing page, the better the conversion rates will be.

3) No Escape Or Noise  

Lastly, a landing page provides a unique and enclosed offering. A properly designed landing page allows viewers a limited number of options or links to click on, since the primary objective is to have them complete the call to action. A refined landing page provides only the information targeted to the intended audience and nothing else.

It bypasses all of the other distractions and unrelated information that websites create. A customized landing page is your premiere one or two page power sell sheet for your ads. It guarantees that your viewers don’t find themselves lost amid lots of tabs and places to click.

All in all, customized landing pages have a proven track record of delivering the best results time and time again. Although customized landing pages can take considerable time and effort, they will yield a superior return over that of a website landing page.

Marketing Eye ensures the best results for your marketing campaigns with fully customized landing pages from a professional graphic design team. Talk to us today to get the most out of your digital ads.  
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