Although advertising isn’t as ambiguous as it once was back in the day, it takes a savvy marketer to get real traction. One has to understand the value in being meticulous when it comes to planning, launching, and maintaining campaigns in the digital world. Unlike a Billboard that is posted and not changed until it’s time is up, digital ads require a different level of attentiveness to be effective.
AdWords Isn't Rocket Science

With Google having a share of roughly 80% of the US’s paid search ad spend in 2016, AdWords has risen to the top of the game when it comes to digital advertising. With this being said, knowing how to make proper use of your AdWords campaign is paramount for all marketers and businesses.

When jumping into an AdWords campaign of any sort, here are a couple of pitfalls to watch out for:

1) Know What Campaign You Need

Many people, even some marketers who aren’t certified, don’t even realize how many different ways there are to advertise on AdWords. AdWords isn’t just AdWords, it represents a bundle of different digital ads across the search engine landscape.

Understand what each of them mean and how to use them, or else you could find yourself wasting time and money. Knowing when to use different AdWord networks is the first major step towards running effective campaigns. For example, if your goal for the entire campaign is simply awareness, then utilize the Search and Display Network, versus simply using the Search Network.

If your website isn’t fresh off the block, you might want to utilize a Remarketing Campaign. This is a campaign where your Google ads follow previous visitors of your website. Those are just a few examples of different ads.

2) Manage It Daily

It always gives me some humor when clients come to us and say “AdWords haven’t worked for us in any shape or form. It was just a waste of money.” I say this because the next question I ask them usually unravels the mystery, “How often do you get on AdWords and make changes?” They typically say well...a few weeks, maybe even months.

Other than simply choosing a campaign network, I stress that the secret to successfully using Google AdWords is to continuously monitor it. Even more impactful than the ads and the keywords themselves are the constant revisions that need to take place on a daily basis.

3) Ad Extensions

Ad extensions can drastically change the outcome of your ads by increasing the relevancy and options for your viewers to click on or read about. This gives your ads more subsistence and value to your prospective viewers, thus driving the CTR or Click-Through-Rate and Average Position up.

Through a wide variety of extensions, one can ad site links, structured snippets, call outs, and much more to all of your ads. In particular, adding sitelinks and call outs impact your ads more so than the others.

Those are just a few good tricks to apply when running an AdWord campaign. Let Marketing Eye show you all the tips and tricks of AdWords, or just relax and let us manage it for you.
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