Can Introverts Succeed In Sales?

There’s a common stigma in the sales world that top-performing reps need to be Type-A, extroverted personalities. When we think of the ideal salesman or saleswoman, we’re imagining a smooth talking, outgoing, loud, and confident person. While these sales traits are true on many levels, effective salespeople come in many forms. 

5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Personal Brand
One of the most important aspects of building a business today is building your personal brand with it. Whether you are wanting to build trust, develop relationships, or be a leader in your industry, making a name for yourself is essential. But how do you accomplish this?
The Cost Of Being Unprofessional
Every business will have their share of unprofessional hirings, some worse than others. It’s only natural given the job market nowadays and the workforce. Young professionals, not just Millennials, truly don’t understand the value of their name and public representation. Although none of us are like Odell Beckham, recognized everywhere he goes. On the contrary, here are a few reasons why you should take every job seriously: 
Mastering Frame Control
Have you ever went into a sales pitch and started using old techniques to try and close the deal like the age-old SPIN selling tactic? I can remember growing up and watching all those old movies from the 80s that featured "go getters" in suits and screaming out to eachother "Always Be Closing!". 
Where Talent & Hard Work Meet
Some of us grew up with a discernable talent, such as painting or singing, while others simply had to navigate towards a possible strength and exploit it as a career. And by others, I mean me. There’s a stark difference between the two, so which one are you hiring? Let’s take a further look:
Get The Most Out Of Your Team By Hiring Another
In an ideal world, it would be great to have a talented team in-house to take care of all of your business processes. However, we have seen a trend to outsource certain capabilities. This isn’t because they can’t find the resources for it, it’s actually due to the quality of work. We see it with all of our clients, people are spread thin, working on too many what’s the fallout of this?
Challenges can make or break us
Every person experiences challenges, every single day without exception. It's how we handle these challenges that really define us and give us the power to move forward in a positive way, learning from experience and not being defined by it.

When faced with a problem, we often think it may be in fact insurmountable, but the truth of the matter is that no problem cannot be overcome other than perhaps a health issue. For everyone problem we face, a solution is also readily available - it's just seeing the situation clearly, and finding the right solution for the best outcome.

"I am who I am because everything that has happened to me, not in spite of it."

I live in a world where I see my glass as half full, and yet sometimes an obstacle comes my way usually in the form of someone disappointing me, that I end up wondering whether this really is the case. Is my life full of promises or are there things set up to challenge and sometimes break me? I'm sure most people have felt this way at some time or another.

Living life with positive affirmations and caring about people, even if they perhaps don't care about themselves or others, has always been a choice I have made. I am the person who gives money to the homeless person on the side of the street knowing full well that they may buy the wrong things with that money - because I care, that just maybe it will put a smile on their face.

I have given away more money than my net worth would dictate in comparison to those who promote in the media their philanthrophy when they are worth hundreds of millions or even billions. I do this not for recognition, but because I believe that what I have in life is enough and I need for nothing more. Money doesn't define me and anything that revolves around capitalism causes much distaste in my mouth. It isn't what I believe to be a good way to live life.

When a challenge comes my way, I sometimes crumble before I see that it is just a 'thing' and nothing is insurmountable. There are ways around everything, and sometimes its just best to forget about it. Silence can either be a good call or a sign of no respect. When people deserve respect and are good people, whatever challenge is in front of you, you should always sit down with them and have the open, honest conversation. 

That should always be the first resort.

When I am personally faced with a challenge, I try to see the forest through the trees:

  • Is the challenge really that big?
  • Who does the challenge actually affect and what are my obligations to those who are affected by the challenge?
  • What are the probable solutions and what is the cost to me personally or financially to fixing the problem?
  • What example will I lead by facing the challenge head on?
  • Will the challenge be the 'making of me'
  • Can I learn from the challenge and can it make me a better person, better boss or better friend?
  • Why has this challenge occured and how can I either deal with it better next time, or minimize the chances of it happening again?
  • Is it life threatening? If not, does it really matter or can I ignore and move on as it is really someone else's problem?

In general, challenges can be painful or enlightening. They can show us what we are made of, or what makes us crumble, only to get back up and move forward in a way that has better purpose.
Global expansion is our top priority in 2017
It's been a fantastic start to December with Marketing Eye spending much of its time on developing our strategy for global expansion. We are excited by the prospect of fast-tracking our expansion and focusing on delivering a better service, to more clients across the globe.
Don't Give Your Users Too Many Options
Hick’s Law points out that increasing the number of choices will increase the decision time logarithmically.

Ok... that sounds complicated, but it’s not. Simply, if you give your users too many choices they often won’t make a decision.

We’ve all seen the person in the grocery store, in the cereal aisle staring into oblivion. There are so many different kinds of cereal it can be overwhelming. The grocery store can be overwhelming anyway, that’s why I won’t walk in one without a list. There are too many choices and it’s easy to stay too long trying to decide what’s for dinner.
If You Want a Good Employee, Look at their Parents
With a growing business there are pains, and sometimes things happen that are out of our control.

Our Sydney office experiences an exponential inflow of leads every single day. We are completely irked as to why we receive so many Sydney based leads from our social media and website, and as such, we need to employ more people.

In the recruitment process, we have received a lot of applicants, but in fairness, we should have gone back to the original applications we received 6 months ago, who may not have re-applied this time around. The quality of applicants in June last year was much higher than the quality we are receiving today.

But with the pains of growing, we have to be strong delegators to various offices and make sure we are all super organised.

And that is exactly what Emily Ryan has done. Emily is a marketing manager in our Sydney office and the minute we identified that we needed more staff, and with one of our team leaders moving to Geelong, this need was urgent.

What I found in this situation it had a profound effect on my opinion of people.

Emily not only stood up and took control without any quarrels or even being asked to, she fixed any problems that had arisen and became this dynamic, unbelievably capable person who looked immediately to the future and ensured that every part of the business in the area of marketing was completely, utterly, under control.

It blew my mind.

I didn't know Emily very well as I don't travel to Sydney as much as I use to, but what I did know is that she comes from a really good, ethical family. Going back to my theory that the best hires come from good families that install manners, respect and integrity in their children, Emily epitomizes exactly the type of employee or team member more precisely, that is instrumental in taking a company to the next level.

Both of her family members are Pharmacists and own a Pharmacy. They have seen as much as I have no doubt with employees who perhaps don't have the company's best interests at heart.

Her parents have taught her right from wrong. They installed the ethos of doing a good job and being the best you can be. She has zero sense of entitlement and works hard without any supervision. 

The work that Emily does with clients is all based on what is in their best interests and is in every respect ethical. I really cannot speak highly enough of her morals and loyalty, alongside a very apt marketing manager who one day will be a marketing director or CMO.

She has stood out and the respect I have for her right now is enormous. I am genial that we've had this hurdle in our business because through it, I got to know Emily much better and I am so proud to have her on our team.

I also want to give her family a hug. Through their impeccable parenting skills, they have brought up a young woman who outshines other millennials ten-fold. She gives me certainty that my theory on good parenting produces the best employees.

I am positive that there is more to come with my thoughts on the effect of parenting on the future employees in a company.
I'm no masterchef. Actually I can't cook, but on Friday I cooked lunch for 17 team members in Melbourne - here's why.
I can't cook. That is no lie. I am useless in the kitchen, mainly because I spend no time there. I eat out every night and live off the premise that it's a great excuse to catch up with friends and it is much cheaper to eat out then to cook for one. So why then did I cook lunch for 17 of our team members in Melbourne on Friday?
Should you employ an anonymous slanderer in your business?
Anonymity online no matter how much you think that you have created an anonymous account, is no longer the case. With the changes in law and the brilliance of a number of technology experts, finding the source of an anonymous comment on a website is now the norm.

Over a year back I received a call from a tech guy who was out to turn the tables on people who write slander on employers as anonymous people on influential websites. He not only told me what he could do, but actively showed me how you can find out who wrote what on various websites and then trace their whereabouts. It's quite fascinating really and something that at long last brings to the table something all future employers want to know.
In the past few years I have become an exporter of marketing services. I became one a few years back when I decided to expand Marketing Eye into new markets. The most suitable market after much research was America, so I did what any buddying entrepreneur would do and I completed a market research study to make sure that if I started a business there, it was not set up to fail. Market research is crucial! 

A mixture of gut instincts, business acumen, networks and of course a business model that no-one else had, gave us a head start. I also chose a city where the cost of setup was low, the Australian dollar was sitting pretty at $1.06 to every American dollar, and where few people knew who I was.
Is it too hard to beat a business bully?
Last week I encountered a business bully, except it was personal and they just happened to also be a business person. Someone with deep pockets who tried to "scare me" as he put it. He finally apologized but I have thought deeply about how often in my career this has happened, largely because I am a woman or a small business owner. There are a lot of dishonest people around. People who deliberately don't pay bills as they know it costs more to sue someone, or those who are just not nice people and want to be bullies because they get kicks out of it.

I use to be scared of this and get anxiety over it. I use to fall apart and perhaps even shed a few tears.
I can't believe I am saying this just a few days after I reminded my blog readers that I refuse to reward bad behavior - that I am in fact, not going to put any more energy into someone who I can't change or rectify their bad behavior. At some stage, people just won't change. They will laugh it off and pretend it didn't happen.
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