We recommend for all of our clients to have a blog page on their website, as well as to write blogs regularly, and post them on their social media accounts. We have been asked many times by clients why this is beneficial, and why they should take the time to do this. Read on to find out why!
It's Time to Blog!

Here at Marketing Eye we have clients from a multitude of different backgrounds, from beauty, to medical, to technology… you name it, we have probably worked with that industry. Although these industries are vastly different, there is one thing that we recommend for every company that we work with to do: write blogs.  

So, what are the benefits of having a blog page?

1) Become an industry leader. (With the added bonus of learning a few things along the way)

Through blogging, many companies have been able to establish themselves as an industry leader by sharing knowledge that they already know, or by doing research and learning more about their industry and trends, thus keeping them ahead of the curve. Yes, we know. Blogging takes time and time is money…But what if you can make money from writing blogs? Think about it… would you want to go to a company that is constantly sharing industry information and seems on top of the latest trends, or a company that is not adding value or giving you any new insights into their industry. If you don’t believe us, a study has shown that roughly 60% of consumers will feel more positive about your business after reading content on your website.

In short: Business Blogging = More Leads


2)  Transparency with your audience.

A trend that has swept the consumer world is that people want to know that there are actual human beings running a business, they want to know who they are dealing with; they want to know what you stand for, your ethics, and your company culture. What makes your company tick and different from the rest.   

That is why, creating a sense of transparency with your audience, as well as letting your personality come through, is so important. Post some personal stories on your blog, feature employees once a month, let your personality shine, and speak to your audience in a genuine manner! Prove to your audience that there are actually people in there!

3)  Creates content to share

Simply, by writing a blog for your company’s website, it allows you to use the content that you already have available, to link back to your website, or to your blog page, and post onto your social media accounts. If you do this in different forms, not only will it help with creating content but it will also help you with Search Engine Optimization. Which brings us to our next point...

4)  Three letters: SEO

And finally, one of the most beneficial and important reasons that we recommend that companies post blogs on their website: it boosts SEO, aka Search Engine Optimization. Why is this so important? Simply put, there is no reason to have an “out of this world” website, if no one can find it. Through boosting SEO by writing blogs on industry relevant content, your company will be able to improve organic search visibility and increase traffic to the website. Search engines absolutely love new and up-to-date content, and regularly posting blogs will make search engines love you that much more and make you more visible.    

In essence: blogging is a tool to give you and your company “street cred”... it allows you to position yourself as a leader and also share valuable knowledge to potential and current clients, all while allowing you to make more sales!  Feel like you do not have enough time to write blogs or need some inspiration? Marketing Eye is here to help! Whether you need us to proofread a blog, or need some pointers on how and what to blog about, we’ve got your back!
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