A term to define people born within a certain year range has never been associated with such negativism before Millennials. Every generation is known for having a stereotype or label placed on them, but none have come even close to what other generations are saying about the Millennial generation. Our office runs on Millennials, and very successfully at that. Let’s take a look at what a successful office full of Millennials looks like.

We aren’t driven by pay, PTO days, location, or any of the common misconceptions about millennial employees. Don’t get me wrong, those are all key influencers in employee retention and decision making. However, for our office, we are all driven by something completely different.

Each of us is driven to succeed by our passion for what the industry we work in and the freedom of an office to allow us to work comfortably, quickly, and most of all differently. If there is one word I would associate with the Millennials, myself included, it would be “Different”.

Our grandparents grew up with the notion of save save save and spend with cash only. Our parents grew up with the notion of save save save and spend with credit only. And now we find ourselves as the generation which is spending to enjoy without saving, because we are unsure of the future and what saving would actually do for us.

This is just one instance in which our generation is more active in the “Work hard play hard” mentality. Millennials want what is different from every other generation. Millennials want a job with 3 different facets present:

  1. Meaningful in a sense of actual impact to society or the surrounding audience. They don’t want to be the wash, rinse, repeat fillers. They want to be the influencers in their areas.

  2. Rewarding from a standpoint of receiving praise and approval from their co-workers, bosses, and customers. We are somewhat of a sensitive generation as it comes to feelings getting hurt over criticism and failure. Millennials want to feel that they are making an impact and doing a great job.

  3. Flexible in the scheduling and opportunity to go live life while they are young. As stated earlier, many Millennials believe that there won’t be a retirement or social security plan for us when we get older. So instead of saving to retire and have fun, we have decided to spend our earnings and enjoy our young lives traveling, experiencing, seeing the world.  

So how does this fit our office?

Our office is comprised entirely of Millennials, and neither of them have a manager directly in charge. This might come as a shock to many of you. Instead of having a manager micromanaging every detail of the work being performed, the autonomous structure of our office gives each one of us the freedom to be ourselves and gain approval through hard work and results directly with each other.

Granted, this is not possible in all offices and with all employees. We strive to be the out of the box marketing firm and the young lively team that will represent our clients with a fierce tenacity. The only true way to give Millennials a chance to show you what they are made of, is to give them a chance to grow and be themselves.

We pay crucial attention to detail when hiring new team members, as each person on the team is reliant on one another for the entire team to succeed. This is why your company structure has to be aligned with the environment that suits hard working Millennials, or else they will leave your firm because there will be nothing enticing them to work harder, smarter, and stay indefinitely.

At the end of the day, every Millennial wants to be seen, heard, and praised for their successful work in a meaningful position.

At Marketing Eye, we make sure that every member of our team knows that they are family and that they are vital to the success and growth of our firm. With this culture in place, our team believes that there is no obstacle too big for us.

Curious to know more?

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