Finding the right balance between work and play can be one of the most challenging feats to achieve for both businesses and for professionals in the workplace. Many times it seems as though we find ourselves on either side, either too focused on work, which affects our personal lives and relationships. And on the other hand, we may get too wrapped up in our personal lives that we let it affect the way we work. In this article we are going to take a look at what drives this work-play balance, and what it could do for you.
Maximizing Your Potential

First you have to ask yourself, “What does a good schedule look like to you?” If you are currently overworking yourself, it is expected that you will likely be less efficient at your work. The quality of work can also be expected to decline.

If you are a “morning” person versus an “evening” person, it might be time to look at a position where you are allowed to come in earlier and leave earlier. Your brain will only operate at it’s finest tune when you are in alignment with what you truly desire. If you are happy, you are functioning at peak levels. This is just one factor to look at when finding the appropriate balance of work and play.

Second, you need to address what sort of work environment is conducive to your personality and work style. I have taken several jobs before where I found myself either supremely bored or teetering on the brink of a panic attack. This is because neither one of these jobs fit the type of personality and work flow which I possess. It isn’t so much about doing a good job versus doing a bad job. It is more about finding your niche and wielding your full potential versus that of performing at an expected or average level of efficiency.

In my experience, researching and finding the right fit for you and your lifestyle is the single most crucial factor when deciding who you want to work for. Some people like to work in a more isolated environment, while others must be surrounded or energized by conversations and personal interactions.

Regardless of which side you are on, there is always a business fit for everyone. Granted nothing is perfect, but it is possible to find the position which fits your mold. You just have to have a good grip on what that position and work environment would look like.

Third, after you have found the position, ideal schedule, and work environment that fits you, you must secure a shut off switch. By shut off switch, I am referring to the discernment to establish a point when you leave work at work. Too many people find themselves bring work stress into their personal lives. This can have serious life changing impacts on your personal life, which will come full circle and deteriorate your workflow again. Finding that balance when you can isolate work and personal interests separately gives you a chance to recharge when you return to work.

Lastly, find a company culture that believes in giving people time to recharge. Having a couple stretches of weeks where one can refresh themselves mentally and physically is crucial to maintaining a highly productive culture. Underestimating the power of breaks and time off work staff is one of the key pitfalls for companies nowadays. What good is paying a team to work at 75% capacity all the time versus giving your team a couple of breaks throughout the year to achieve 100% potential from your team?

Marketing Eye places a special amount of attention on maintaining a healthy work-play balance in the wild world of marketing. This ensures that our clients are working with a team that is giving you their absolute best.
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