If I had all the money in the world I would return it, stupidly some may say, for a life filled with fitness, health and happiness.

My theory behind this rather brash statement is that if you hold those three of life’s gifts close to your heart, the money will follow.
Don't worry, be happy - is it really that simple?

Be happy, don't worry
Don’t get me wrong, I also believe in hard work and people’s innate ability to turn a great idea into a successful one, but health and happiness make the day-to-day processes easier. They allow you to turn up for work feeling fresh and invigorated.

As we all know, happiness is a different state of mind for each and every one of us. Loud music makes me happy; so too does soft music, classical music and jazz. All music pretty much makes me happy, except for country music (ironically my father’s name is Alan Jackson) and hippity hop –neither genre I understand.

To others, jazz may equate to water torture. They prefer the sound of silence. They wake up in the morning and say, ‘hello silence my old friend’.

Whatever float’s your boat. If it makes you happy, it doesn’t matter what other people think. You’ll be in a gadda da vida, baby!

The infectious nature of wellbeing
I have a friend who started the Paleo diet a couple of years ago. It’s not something I could do, I like spaghetti Bolognese too much and I’d rather do three sprint sessions and a boxing session during the week.

He says he is feeling as strong and fit as he ever has and this was a guy who at school was pretty damn fit and strong.

He’s a photographer in New Jersey now and he says since he took on the diet he has more energy and is able to service his clients better. His clients loved him before, now they love him more. I am going to shamelessly plug him here.

It’s a mindset thing. His mind is clear. Therefore his work has clarity. Ipso facto his energy is transferred to his clients. Everybody wins.

Find your whole being
I recently read the blog of Megan McDonough. Megan is the CEO of the Wholebeing Institute and a champion of positive psychology. The article was titled Practicing Perspective and it is about choice: about clearing the mind and creating space – which is something essential to wellbeing.

Megan writes, Taking a walk in nature or sitting under the star-filled night sky opens perspective, giving us a sense of our physical place in an immense space. Reading literature or looking at art, being with a dear friend, or just having a good belly laugh each expands our perspective, opening up choices that were invisible before.”

We all know that life is about making the right choices. When we make good choices, which my mother tells my three-year-old daughter on weekly basis, we open up the door to happiness and then ultimately success.

So take the time to look after yourself. If you are stressed, do something you enjoy. Do something that brings a positive spin to your day. Go skiing in Aspen. Shout until you’re hoarse for your favourite football team. Read a book. Listen to Simon and Gurfunkle or Soundgarden. And then take that positive energy and transfer it to others – your friends, your work colleagues and everyone else who is willing to listen.

Success follows happiness, health and wellbeing. To prove my point just read the following blogs:

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Jonathan Jackson

Jonathan Jackson is an experienced editor and writer who has worked in print and digital media for almost 20 years.

Jonathan has edited titles across a range of industries including sports and lifestyle, health, trade and business and finance. Among these titles are Soccer International, Women’s Fitness and Health, Wealth Creator, Think & Grow Rich, Your Trading Edge and Business First of which he is currently the managing editor.

Jonathan has also written two books: Offside - The Wild Side of Soccer and Australia's Wealth Creators.

He is the Media and Content Manager for Marketing Eye.

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