How Colors Choose What You Buy

Have you ever wondered if your green looks different than my green?  

Xoxo, Yik Yak? Why Yik Yak Wasn’t as Successful as Gossip Girl (SPOILER ALERT)

Despite the fact that Gossip Girl (spoiler alert-- aka Dan Humphrey who we all hated by the end of the show anyways) temporarily ruined many people’s lives, Gen Z has always craved some sort of Gossip Girl in our own lives.

How I Might Be Stronger in the Workplace Because I Am a Woman

The automatic belief is that women are disadvantaged in the workplace.  

To Wear or Not To Wear; Should You Be Able To Wear Whatever You Want in the Workplace?

You probably wouldn’t love for people to show up to work wearing pajamas or a bathing suit.  

Marketing to Transgender People in the 21st Century

Before I start this blog, I must state that I am not transgender and therefore, there is a lot about this matter that I will fail to understand.  

Want to Throw Parties Bigger than Gossip Girl’s? Hire an Event Planner

I’ve always wanted to attend a party like some of the ones you see in Gossip Girl.

Online Marketing Trends That Are Driving Growth in Goods-Producing Industries

Technological innovation has been one of the key factors in shaping marketing trends over the past year. And as marketing evolves, other service and goods-producing industries must adjust their marketing strategies to keep up.

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